#1 BOMB BUILD EVER?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — I call this my prized galactic Bomb build.
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36 thoughts on “#1 BOMB BUILD EVER?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. I've had some weird. Builds win, but that is by far the best round you've had, or any round I've seen or played lol. Best build ever, also the hardest lol

  2. In another episode of "Kripp complains the whole game while getting absurdly lucky"

  3. Killing an entire board AND a 200+ health/30 attack battlemaster WITHOUT using poison. Holy fucking shit.

  4. Kripp rolled past 2 Ghouls. Instead of Annoyotron-ing the Bombs, if he'd gone with Ghouls then that would have been Zapp protection (even if Zapp attacks first and then lives through the 6 AOE damage from Ghouls and the initial 12 bomb tosses, he still leaves Baron at 1hp) AND attack order protection.

    Ghoul, Ghoul, Golden Bomb, Golden Bomb, Kangor's, Golden Spawn, Golden Baron would have been an insane Exodia setup.

  5. I love how all your videos here have a thing if krippereno accounts that break down your stats every game

  6. Please don't use that stupid fucking O Face thumbnail picture.. lends no value to you're video.. only clicked to down vote and tell you it sucks.. not watching

  7. I wish i could enjoy these cool videos, but Kripp just makes so many bad fucking plays its hard to watch

  8. Its not really 50:50 in the end, its a LOT worse: As soon as the first Kangor gets triggered you have 7 minions and now want both the kangor and the baron to not get hit(cause it would only summon 1 boom bot if kangor is hit then because no board space), so the odds on the first attack to hit smth that hurts you is and makes you lose the game is 2/7(The battlemaster at this time had 144 health so with 5 boom bots(assuming he hit the kangor) which all have 6 attack+24 dmg from the deathrattle you would need a perfect order after this to win so we count kangor as a bad target). After the first miss(toxfin got hit), your next bot attacks and then battlemaster again, now with 5 minions on your board and as of now you actually want the kangor to die(would summon 3 bots which is quite acceptable to win) so the only minion he must not attack is baron(which is a 1/5 chance, so 2/7+1/5 so far that you lose). After another boom bot dies and your next attacks you have 3 minions, again you want the baron to not die which is a 1/3 chance and now the Kangor dies(it wouldnt matter if he hit the boom bot as then kangor would be the next to attack so you win either way). However it would make you lose if Baron dies as the battlemaster has 65 health, attacking baron leaves 55, kangor (11 attack so battlemaster goes down to 44) just summons 2 bots and now you have 3 bots each with 6 attack and 8dmg deathrattle which is 42 so the battlemaster wins with 2 health remaining if the baron gets hit when there's just 3 minions left. All in all we have now a 2/7+1/5+1/3 chance that you lose this game from the moment he is left with only the battlemaster. That was an 81,9% chance that you lose this game just from the final board alone:) Never lucky I guess^^

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