1 MILLION DAMAGE Shudderwock! Faceless Lurker OTK Combo! | Hearthstone

The goal of this Hearthstone Shudderwock Shaman OTK combo deck is to use Faceless Lurker combined with Crazed Alchemist and Leatherclad Hogleader! We do this by playing Faceless Lurker as many times as possible with cards like Baleful Banker, Bog Slosher, Zola the Gorgon, and Barista Lynchen. Then, during the game we play Leatherclad Hogleader and Siamat. Finally, on the combo turn we play Murmuring Elemental, Shudderwock, Beaming Sidekick, and Crazed Alchemist for the OTK! Super fun meme deck! Good luck!

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27 thoughts on “1 MILLION DAMAGE Shudderwock! Faceless Lurker OTK Combo! | Hearthstone

  1. crazy thing is that the only way to survive this is by also playing shudderwock but with the battlecry deathrattle armor deck lol.

  2. I started making vids recently I’m posting video’s every weekend please help me too

  3. Im waiting for the day where one of marks decks becomes the meta, and what a day that would be…."i only have 2,000,000 armor but i need to get another 25000 as the opponent has played 7 lurkers so far" it would be amazing if people would actually put that sort of thing into their game play calculations!

  4. Mark is our professor in Battlecry Alchemy. I am completely lost in the Shudderwock mathematics.

  5. Mark! I (and most other viewers) challenge you to try this in a friendly match against Dane’s linecracker druid

  6. Um dos melhores criadores de jogadas do HS, uma pena ter poucos likes, pra mim você merecia estar entre os tops jogadores do youtube. Obrigado por mais um video mark.

  7. 7:50 Dude you JUST got a taunt totem. I like your decks and stuff but sometimes you're just whining/salty for no reason.

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