#1 ULDUM DECK?! QUEST SHAMAN! - Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone

Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone — How long can Quest Shaman last as the top deck in Saviors of Uldum?
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34 thoughts on “#1 ULDUM DECK?! QUEST SHAMAN! — Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone

  1. Quest Shaman is going to be nerfed hard — mark my words! 22 dmg out of hand is out of hand!

  2. 19:07
    Calm down Kripp, every egg (except the scarab egg) survives. Cairne survives. Mechanical Whelp survives

  3. Question. How does one know when a hero has died (or not died) during resolution of battle cry animations?

    Is it simply because End Turn button is available?

  4. Seriously, I'm so surprised Kripp doesn't know the simplest things after playing this game for years. Shudderwock triggers battlecries once per card, not per battlecry itself.

  5. 15:08 excuse me, how many stars did the fleshaper got? 3 I believe…so no 4 star but yes 3 star? I see

  6. "I think that´s the single card that survives Earthquake"
    Like all the cards with more than 7 health?

  7. Now THAT is undoubtedly broken! WAY too easy to just get a few lackies and then it's done.

  8. All the guys who cries how OP this quest is going to be, will be dead on turn 5 when they face a stupid aggro deck

  9. Does anybody have a 5000 or less dust version of this deck i have the quest but all the decklists i found are at least like 10000 dust

  10. 4:58 "Double pump Azerano, extra Star Whip, Highmountain ice, room for mana spice, coming right up."
    Hands down best battlecry sound effect in the game lol

  11. AAECAZu1Awam8ALv9wK5mQO9mQPanQPhqAMM9vAC7/ECj/sCioADi4UDtJEDxpkDz6UD1KUD1aUD+aUDkKcDAA==

    the deck in the video

  12. Bro sry for the late post but thank you for this deck!! I have an exact copy and I'm telling you, I pushed 5 ranks in the first day, about to try the Palladian you made.

  13. This deck destroy all the fun of the current Meta. If this deck dont get a nerf i will stop to play Hearthstone.

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