10 MOST UNDERRATED OUTLAND CARDS!! What Card Was I MOST Wrong About? | Hearthstone

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In this video, I discuss some of the most underrated cards from Ashes of Outland. These are cards that were rated poorly by the community, but are actually being played fairly often! To determine this list, I used a few sources. I averaged community scores for cards from HearthstoneTopDecks.com and OutOf.cards, then rank ordered cards by their scores. I also ranked cards by their deck inclusion percentage from HSReplay.net over the last 7 days. The difference between those ranked lists determined how over- or under-rated a card is considered. Of course this is not a qualitative statement about the strength of cards, some may get better in the future. This is also susceptible to class weaknesses, because cards can’t have high inclusion rates if the class is not played. All in all, this is merely a snapshot of predictions vs reality in the current meta.

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28 thoughts on “10 MOST UNDERRATED OUTLAND CARDS!! What Card Was I MOST Wrong About? | Hearthstone

  1. I need to crowdsource some fashion advice, folks. Which glasses in the video do you think looked best? I am clueless about my own appearance outside of my beard and hair.

    Thanks again to GlassesUSA for sponsoring the video, and be sure to check them out here: https://bit.ly/RegisKillbin-GlassesUSA to help me out and find some cool stuff!

  2. Fungal fortunes may be a good card but that doesn’t stop me from discarding my KT when I play it on turn two

  3. Think with the Embiggen package that Druid has, that it’ll make wild quest Druid viable?

  4. When you give the played rankings, are those by class or among all cards? Because comparing class cards to neutrals doesn't make much sense in that case. If they're both played around 40 but one is neutral, that means the class card is played a LOT by that class.

  5. you should get mirrored shades and set up a bunch of blinking lights in front of you so your eyes constantly sparkle

  6. Thank you Regis , I would make a suggestion for a new video but i dont want you to yell at me again … IM NOT WORTHY … stay safe brotha

  7. Minor contention, but I'm guessing Spell Mage likely won't get better unless it gets specific support again. Otherwise it's relying on a smaller subset of the new cards being good compared to other decks. Spell Mage most likely has its highest card quality pool from this expansion due to the specific support, so assuming an even distribution of good cards in the next expansions, it's card pool will be diluted compared to other decks going forward.

  8. As long Kael'thas remains in standard play, those zero mana cards (including the ones that could be zero mana) will always find a way.

  9. can we nerf warglaives lol its pretty insane and way better than the rogue 5 mana 3/4 weapon

  10. I don't wear glasses so I can't buy anything from the sponsor but you look really great in all of those frames 🙂

  11. Regis: OOOH, Brown glasses, this is a totally new world for me, you guys have only ever seen me in black glasses but here we go.

    Puts on Brown glasses

    Me: its… it's the same picture.

  12. Fools bane
    You fell for it
    You all thought it was gonna be bad
    Then gladiators war blade came

  13. I don't blame you for not seeing the exotic mountseller spell druid deck. I don't think anyone saw that coming.

  14. Warglaives have single handedly won me games. I’m shocked they’re super relevant Rn as opposed to the beginning of the expansion!

  15. The only reason overconfident orc is played so much, is that there are no other good early taunts in the game in this aggro meta, on its self its shit

  16. I could really use new frames, I never thought to buy them online! Thanks for the tip on glasses USA, I'll be sure to use your link!!!

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