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20 thoughts on “100 PINDLESKIN RUNS — DIABLO 2

  1. 194 titans, nice.. you get nobody with that shako.. its background when its unid and the cloth is green when its id'ed. thats like frozen into d2 player brains 🙂

  2. bit late but matriarchal javelins are thunderstroke's and ceremonial javelins are titan's revenge

  3. What are the odds finding a LO rune from andy?  I found it yesterday!  now I have fortitude runeword first time in my life on singleplayer 😀 ( with plugy mod)

  4. When you've played this game a lot, it's quite easy (for me atleast) to know what item it's gonna be based on what version of the item it is. For example, if it's a "Ceremonial javelin" it's 100% going to be a Titan's, as it is only an exceptional version of the item, had it been the elite version "Matriarchal javelin" then it would be Thunderstroke. Same goes for all other items, once you know them. If the Great helm woulda been a Winged helm, it would be Valkyrie's wing, and had it been a Spired helm, then it would be Nightwing's veil. But yeah, it's just about recognizing the items.

  5. Pindle is a waste of time he can drop any thing in the game but his drop rate is so low it's just a total waste of time.

  6. /p 3/5/7 are the only ones that effect drop rate, su's (super uniques) always drop 2 items so the only thing +players no drop effects in this instance is pindle minions

  7. You need a bit better gear. Try to find a nice archon plate or any 500+ low str armor with 3 sockets, them bite the bullet and make a Wealth (lem ko tir) -100 mf right there, granted is only 4% better than your pgem armor.
    Rhyme is very easy to make and an ali baba is not that hard to get. Keep them on switch.
    Another good item to have which fairly easy to get is tals mak, bite the bullet add a socket with a ptopaz, less Mf than a 3 pgem helm, but has very nice stats to help you survive.

    If you do some Meph NM I think, you're bound to find a tals belt, which works very well with the mask, 10-15% mf there, or a goldwrap is fairly common.

  8. I usually play Path of Diablo (necro with 350 mf) and max rune i have found is Mal. I did find some cool unique stuffs, but mostly i play for runes. Any suggestion to find good rune?

  9. Fairly certain you only do pindle on players 1. Anything higher does not increase his drop rate, only his minions.

  10. I just killed him 100 times on p1 with 440 mf. Got doom bringer, gheed's, naj's puzzler. Was hoping for Soul Cage and Ormos

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