100% WINRATE??? Kripp BREAKS the WILD META with THIS DECK 😱 - Wild Hearthstone

Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone — Mimiron Mage is even more spectacular than we first thought!
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26 thoughts on “100% WINRATE??? Kripp BREAKS the WILD META with THIS DECK 😱 — Wild Hearthstone

  1. Here is the deck code if you want to try the deck. It is pretty tricky to play but most games can be won.


  2. you're throwing shade at big priest yet you play quest mage, classy. btw it was turn 5 barnes

  3. kripp knows how to use this deck. i basically get how to use it, but this is not a win every time deck. lol tip when you cast extra turn it must be the only spell u cast that turn. once cast Arcane intellect with extra turn and i only got one extra turn and not 2.

  4. kripp's opponent in one of the matches did one of the worst moves I have seen, naturalizing a 2/2 without any active effects

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