1000 Ancient Tunnel Runs - Diablo 2

The Loot from 1000 Ancient Tunnel runs on players 7 difficulty with 375% magic find using the PlugY Mod.

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48 thoughts on “1000 Ancient Tunnel Runs — Diablo 2

  1. Another Human Bot project for you guys!!! This was the first level 85 area that I have farmed in this series. Hope you guys enjoyed the video. Don't forget to join the Diablo 2 discord community. Community magic finding competitions, links and guides and just an overall friendly Diablo 2 community https://discord.gg/8GXyu7A

  2. I am truly confused as to why people choose to go single player. Are they just super antisocial or what?

  3. hey man, i started watching your videos and decided to start playing again with a similar setup. Although, do you know if pluggy enables ladder only uniques, not just runewords? Such as griff, cerebus, fathom, etc.

  4. Drop rates are still absurd. Remember playing ladder like 5-6 years ago, thausands runs on mephisto, ancient tunnels, thausands hours and i managed to find Vex, Gul, and Ohm. Thats just too much

  5. Great channel, it's like playing Diablo II by proxy — I don't have the time but you provide the stuff.

    But wtf is a human bot ?
    3:11 How rare is that Monsters rest in peace? Never seen before.
    7:00 does +2 to all skills also work on synergy bonuses?

  6. You do seem to find — out of a big range — the same items over and over, which is strange.

  7. The IK Soulcage is the only part of the set I have never found. The other parts of the set are so common they might as well be in cereal boxes.

  8. Wouldn't it be better to use nigma instead of vmagi to get mf and not spend 1 point in teleport but to use it in synergies for whatever build cold/ligh? Always enjoying your d2 videos.

  9. hey i use to battle net 10+ years ago, i hated etheral, why is this a good quality you persue? dont get it. for mercenary? why did mercenaaries could use ethereal…

  10. Dbrunski, Do you find that pluggy tends to drop similar things from weapon racks/armor racks if you farm the same map? Is there a way to combat this?

  11. I have now played 2 and half years on my holy grail. Most of my farming has been in ancient tunnels, pits and chaos sanctuary. I have found 1 Lo rune in ancients tunnels on my sorc, which along with my pala, barb, necro and amazon all are lvl 95+. I have recorded 10k tunnel runs, 10k pit runs and 10k chaos runs. Is there a possibility that something is wrong with my game? The statistics seems to be way off and soon I have no longer faith that I will be able to find any runes. I haven't found any runes higher than um in a year. I refuse to back to lower kurast as those 20k runs were too boring.

  12. "I dropped a high rune, and it was a Lo rune."
    Diablo players: Ah, nice.
    Everyone else: It's high, but low??

  13. 2:26 3 Frozen Orb 15fire/15cold orb is crazy for meteorb, you should get excited about one like that even more

  14. 500 runs and he found more high runes than I did in about 5-6 years of playing LoD, was the drop chance buffed that much?

  15. Skiller charm, skiller charm — I don't think I have ever seen seen one since 3 weeks, when I started playing D2 after ~~ 14 years. Then I watched this vid, I'm like: let's farm Ancient Tunnels.
    The very first run, popped one of the urns at the entrance: +1 to Masteries charm for my Barb, sh1eeet ! Btw, Ancient Tunnels is an awesome place, much better than any other one in my opinion, nothing is going to kill you, large packs, area is not that big. Plus I'm running with Lawbringer, which renders undead useless 🙂

  16. How did you manage to coordinate such an effort for 1000 runs with 7 other players?

  17. With that Templars coat FYI back in the day when I used to play I'd love to up my items and I believe you can improve that item and then socket with his zod they're really nice zealer

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