13 Removed Interactions With Illidan Stormrage | Hearthstone Ashes of Outland

13 Interactions removed with the removal of Illidan the minion.

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39 thoughts on “13 Removed Interactions With Illidan Stormrage | Hearthstone Ashes of Outland

  1. While Illidan may no longer be a card, they made a new copy of what we knew called Xavius. He's got the same stats and effect, just summons out a 2 — 1 Satyr instead.

  2. >the first one was done on the ladder in a 'real' match

  3. Are these not possible with Xavius? Or are these things unique to the coding used for the Illidan Stormrage card?

  4. Why did they even bother changing the card?

    They are introducing lady liadrin as a new card but shes been a hero for years? they clearly didnt see a problem there but they did with illidan for some reason?

  5. Dude it's not removed, he was replaced with Xavius I think he is called, it's exactly the same, but slightly better, because the 2/1s are demons now.

  6. Isn't xavius the exact same thing as illidan? Arent these still possible but with a different minion?

  7. I want a full dust refund i crafted him golden for these meme decks but now it doesn't work anymore. Why don't they give a full dust refund bc it's definitely a nerf all my decks with him doesn't work anymore

  8. I don't understand how any of these interactions are being removed if Xavius took his place.

    The text changed from "whenever" to "after". Is it a different effect?

  9. But could not do these interactions with the new Xavius card that replaced Illidan? Or did they patch these out from it?

  10. You can actually hold a dead minion in hand by playing Dalaran Heist Act 4 and choosing Spirit of Tiger

  11. Xavius: Has the same effect as Illidan
    Hysteria: Says we can't make the combos which consisted of the effect that was never changed
    Me: Surprised Pikachu Face

  12. The card is still there, it’s just under a different name? ‘Xavius’ is the cards name but it’s still there, you can still have all these interactions it shows but with a different art.

  13. Except illidan isn't getting properly removed, someone else must face the horrible fate of being an awful legendary

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