2 in 1 Quest Druid Special - Feat. King Phaoris! | Standard | Hearthstone

The last adventure chapter gave Quest Druid a few more toys so let’s try them out!

Deck code: AAECAaHDAwYkQK7SAvX8AvihA/O3AwxWX/4B9wPEBqmiA8iiA9yiA++iA9mpA/m1A8a3AwA=


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‣ Edited by: jnZaneHD
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33 thoughts on “2 in 1 Quest Druid Special — Feat. King Phaoris! | Standard | Hearthstone

  1. Game at 20:25, wouldn't it instead be better to
    Turn 1: Innervate -> Crystal Merchant
    Turn 2: Untapped Potential -> Pass
    So your merchant can attack on turn 2, and you still get the quest credit and card draw on 2.

  2. Why is worthy expedition not being opened on the turns where you have 1 spare mana at the end of the turn?

  3. Literally had 16 “health” in hand and every reason to suspect it was some
    Form of combo. He had all his deco exhausted. Still healed cen. Feels madman

  4. Wait, I don’t really understand that quest warlock. I’ve seen lists with dollmaster dorian, but didn’t this guy just get really lucky by hitting Malygos? I mean he only used his hero power like 3 times.

  5. Oof what a trash deck list. No wrath and swipe. And that pirate guy instead. Disgusting

  6. Fun fact 草 (kusa) or grass is an internet slang used for hysterical laughter based on the letter w (for warai or laugh) being typed in succesion looking like grass.

  7. My problem with the second deck list is that it's very hard to play steel Beatle since you have to hold one of your 5+ spells. In that final game, Trump basically made them useless.

  8. I respect the meme but you needed to place him near the bottom of the list. To emphasize the bigness.

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