20 DMG HERO POWER!! OTK Demon Hunter = Overpowered!!!

Deckcode: OTK Demon Hunter — AAECAea5AwjtBfyjA666A8y6A8O8A9rGA/zIA93TAwucAoe6A9e7A+C8A7rGA8fGA9nGA9TIA9XIA/LJA9vTAwA=

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25 thoughts on “20 DMG HERO POWER!! OTK Demon Hunter = Overpowered!!!

  1. The only way to play DH is to "my thanks" as much as possible, then friend request after you win and tell them they suck

  2. At this point y even post about dh…we all know it's cancer…like every video on YT now will be…"HEY GUYS THIS NEW DECK CAN TAKENOUT DH OR HEY GUYS THIS CLASS ABSOLUTELY CRAPPS ON DH…NO IT WONT…NOT FOR THE MASSES THAT PLAY AT RANK 16+…

  3. they nerfed galakrond shaman for much less. i've played vs iluldan 15 times and im 0-15. its impossible to try new decks on this meta. gg bli$$ard

  4. Blizzard logic: We are nerfing nurish because drawing 3 cards for 5 mana is too strong.
    Also Blizzard logic: Prints 5 mana draw 3 cards and discount them for 3….
    WTF! This looks like the entire class was taken from the design a card reddit !

  5. I literally lost every battle against demon hunter and nobody is playing something else. I had to play demon hunter too, to still loose agains other demon hunters btw……… wtf

  6. Doing only 20 damage with the combo? You gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers in this racket.

  7. I played with this deck without metamorphosis, zephrys and that 3/5 legendary guy and i got a 100% winrate. This deck is pretty good (sorry my english)

  8. I've played this deck and it' pretty good except the otk gets wrecked if you get kael'thas from the start of the game on the left part of the hand.

  9. Hey! Does anyone experience a bug while playing Demon Hunter? Every spell cost 1 more, like Eye Beam cost 1 even though it is on hlthe outside
    Also Skull of Gul'dan cost 6, and the number is in red, which means the game knowd it costs 1 more.. can someone help??

  10. A new adventure has been released in hearthstone.Use your nine professions to fight against the new Boss,DH.

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