20 FACTS about Scholomance Academy Packs: Hearthstone Pre-Order Benefits, New Mode, Broken Combos

馃馃挰Our team has arrived at Scholomance Academy, a legendary magic college. This seemingly positive place definitely harbors a lot of mysteries on which we will try to shed light.


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34 thoughts on “20 FACTS about Scholomance Academy Packs: Hearthstone Pre-Order Benefits, New Mode, Broken Combos

  1. coop mode, like the taverns where you have to kill a minion but your opponent just hits your face.. no thx

  2. I think it will be dual class mode… where instead of playing proper classes you play one of the dual classes that got introduced in Scholomance…

  3. You couldn't disenchant any of those special legendary anyway (except one of them), so not like there is dust value..

  4. This game desperately needs a 20$ bundle, 50$/80$ is too much for most people, I mean cmon, it's just a digital card game after all. You can buy a pretty good real life MTG deck for that cost… If the 50$ bundle was 30$ and the 80$ was 55$ or something, I believe it would draw in more people to pre-order stuff. The current prices don't cut it. Adventures are way more worth it.

  5. I currently have 5000 dust but don't think I will buy any pre-order (even though I kinda want to)

    I bought the tavern pass for battlegrounds this expansion

  6. I will not buy any stuff with real money regarding Hearthstone anymore. Don麓t get me wrong, I like the game and have been playing since 2014, but investing in a digital card collection, which can麓t be sold properly, is not an investment I麓d be willing to make. And although I bought few pack bundles back in the day, these days I only grind f2p stuff and so far have gold for 30 packs for the new expansion.

  7. 9:38 why does Boomsday not have the average money spent stat? Also I wonder why Uldum was so low yet turned out to be so lucrative.

  8. why no polls at top right of video i dont want to go to some other page 馃檨

  9. So sad for Arena, this is the most annoying meta ever and it will be continued. I never played so few arena, and it is not about BG, but it is because I like to create a deck and see what it is capable of.
    Now, more than never, HS is becoming a 3 day login job to deal with quests.

  10. I preordered the $80 one. I usually only buy one expansion a year. I have 10000 gold saved up. I鈥檒l prob buy 30 more packs with gold.

  11. Because I'm insane I'm buying the mega bundle on Friday and I have enough gold for 50 packs. After that anything I want that I don't have I'll try to luck my way into. I won't buy anything else until the next expansion.

  12. Dude, you shouldn't dust and craft until the nerfs are done. Last rotation I made so much dust from holding on to all my duplicates. DH cards, anything that changes cost or draws. Loads of dust.

  13. All people here saying that they are pre-ordering, I guess the boycott over the Hong Kong controversy is over, huh?

  14. I don't agree that the free card are less worth than Kael'Thas, since they are both uncraftable the rarity doesn't matter, so we are getting two cards instead of one

  15. It was confirmed by a developer that it will not be a rotating set as mentioned, I saw this a while ago in reddit but I can鈥檛 find the source, if anyone where it is I would love to show it

  16. Isn't 10 packs 25% chance of getting a legendary instead of 50%?
    You are guaranteed one legendary every 40 packs, meaning every 20 there's a 50% chance of getting one, and every 10 a 25%
    Am I getting this right?

  17. Is it me or is the voice of Holomancer changed? It sounds abit less enthusiastic…? Did it get updated? More like a downgrade to me!

  18. I buy special offers from time to time out of respect for the game but I personally prefer the free to play experience. The one thing this game is missing and I wished for since day one, was trading. I don't see myself buying any preorders in the future cuz the game is to stale.

  19. Imagine paying 80$ for a preorder xD I dont buy any packs with money, looking forward to the new expansion thou

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