3 Great Prime Decks - Ashes of Outland - Hearthstone


Here are three cool prime decks that I have been enjoying so far!

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PRIME Demon Zoo Warlock

PRIME Warrior — Fibonacci
Code: AAECAQcIhp0D8qgD3KkD260D360DvrkDzb4DtckDC0uQA6IE/wefoQPnsAP/tAOktgO4uQO7uQP2wgMA

PRIME Hunter — Stealth_HS

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3 Great Prime Decks — Ashes of Outland — Hearthstone



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47 thoughts on “3 Great Prime Decks — Ashes of Outland — Hearthstone

  1. I tried a different take on the warlock's prime, is a quest handlock with the 8 mana taunt demon. I'm having a lot of success with this, the only weak matchup is priest.


  2. Forgot to mention that ramo Druid is a bad match up against the hunter deck got crushed three times in a row

  3. I got the gold druid prime card. Should I DE it to craft one of these?

  4. I absolutely love that hunter deck… I’ve been playing it nonstop for a day and climbed up to diamond 2… ALMOST LEGEND! It’s really fun! Highly recommend. Thanks Dex!

  5. I watch a lot of Apx, the mage streamer. And the Solarian Prime can cast Puzzle Box, which i've seen his cast twice at once.

  6. Great video giving some info on the new prime cards. Good stuff,man. Cheers

  7. Vashj Prime is basically Skull of Guldan but Skull way better and can hit minions lmao

  8. I am not gonna lie I really don't like that Dragon-Zixor hybrid list. Pure Dragon Hunter or a list revolving around Zixor are both more efficient. Especially because it doesn't even run the Toxic Reinforcement quest which is amazing with Teron Gorefiend.

  9. Nice video dude and always good! But imo the only decks i see is gala warlock, tempo dh, mage and some hunters!i dunni how warrior can fit in! The king now ia warlock and then dh!always my opinion

  10. hunter list is shit. you have to play really slow matchup or retard opponent (that is not so often on diamond+) to be able to catch the game with it. usually you are dead to 5-7 turn

  11. What happened to the video you dropped last night? Any particular reason you took it down? (If I may ask) but anyway, hope you're well Dekks!

  12. Just when I thought Dekkster was giving us the best decks he could he blesses us with some prime decks

  13. What happened to the no minion druid video?? I got a notification and later when I wanted to watch it didn't exist anymore.

  14. Which is your favorite prime card ? Mine is the priest one ( just for his face lul )

  15. That Hunter Deck looks decent but has no chance against DH,Priest,Druid or Warlock. Only classes I run into at Platinum 5.

    Pure cancer at the moment

  16. Dude saw you on. The blizzard site have this youtube video. Congrats man love your content keep it up

  17. Well, I just enjoy stealing other classes primes with Fist of Ra'den.

  18. damn i was winning all the time until this was feautured on the Hearthstone page GHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  19. Lil Hard to play zoo warlock right now. Usually have like up to 67% WR in casual. with this archetype.

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