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You think you know but you dont know. Sometimes you do not even know what you dont know. Confusing, right? Anyways, 33 things you perhaps might have possibly not known about Hearthstone. When researching things I tried to keep in mind that stating facts is less appropriate for the video which is why I did not include stuff like: Did you know that X amount of people play hearthstone and similar

(its 100 million+ created accounts, there is no real data on how many play on a regular basis)
Anyways, took some time to put it together, if there is anything you think would belong in this video and was not mentioned Please, let me know in the comments so I can make another one and include your fact! Have a wonderful day, leave a like & thanks for reading the description!

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31 thoughts on “33 Things You Did Not Know about Hearthstone | Solem

  1. I dare you to win with a deck that uses 30 of the most unused cards. (you can choose if it's wild or not, and they have to be within the 30 least used, which means you get to choose which duplicates will be in the deck)

  2. Damn I'm an old player. Only thing I didn't know was the unique class art around the class name in the collection. Learn a new thing every day.

  3. I will never never NEVER understand why triclass cards are listed in the neutral section. It's counterintuitive and just makes no sense whatsoever.

  4. Even though I knew most of these things the video was quite enjoyable 🙂 It was nice revisiting some of these odd easter eggs or whatever you wanna call it in Hearthstone ^^ Thanks YouTube for recommending — what an easy subscribe 😀

  5. #18 — what is also unexpeted, if you somehow obtain C'tun ( via one of fucktylion random efects this game have 😛 ) in hand and play him, he will acctually recive all due buffs. Happened to me on one time !

  6. I was full on expecting to find nothing that i didnt already know about, but i did not know about number 15 with hearthstone actually having achievements or 21 with the debug cards (i figured they had debug commands but not debug cards)
    And even if i did know most of this, this is still good info that unlike other "things you didn't know" videos that just have info that you would know about by just playing the game or knowing the subject. Good vid!

  7. #12 is what had caused for a while the existance of Chancey priest, back when Raza put your hero power at 0 cost. (Kripp probably has the best example of the Chansey deck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKD-qVNBDSk) TL;DR: You drop an "Inspire: Deal 4 damage to both heros" and "You can hero power twice a turn" onto the board, use your heal twice on yourself for 8 damage, use Shadowform to morph into shadow, hit your opponent twice for 2 more (18 damage total) then Sir Finley for either hunter (+4 to total) or mage (+2) and activate that hero power twice for 8-12 damage. (Making total damage between 26 and 30 in one turn, with yourself also taking 18 in total, healing reducing some of the damage you take.)

  8. Why Jaraxxus/Sac Pact works and DrBoom/EMP doesn't — Jaraxxus is a minion and has a Demon tag, while Boom is a hero card.

  9. Maximum time game play. Now HS have a cap on time game play.

  10. The emp not targeting boom thing is A: because boom sees way more play and B: because Dr. Boom is technically not a mech, he is a goblin. So emp wouldn't destroy him since he is just wearing a mech suit

  11. Beauty succubus artwork will never be used. We will get Titless Chinese Nether Beast. R.I.P. Jaina's rack.

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