34151 DAMAGE IN ONE TURN?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — These dragons are pretty good for winning, but spectacular for big numbers! Kripp’s Hearthstone Stream …


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43 thoughts on “34151 DAMAGE IN ONE TURN?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. How big could that pogo had been if you bought them every time as your battlecry buff?

  2. People aren't drinking Corona anyway, the survey question was "Do you drink Corona beer now" with nothing else, no clarifiers. If you walk around and ask 100 people if they liked the taste of Corona beer before the outbreak 35% would have said no.

  3. Cmon Kripp. We all know the “I wasn’t lying” to justify.. don’t get caught up in clickbating anyone anymore please. U added the total damage for a view and it worked.. but cmon man

  4. Imagine how much stronger he would have been if he had traded off the whelp for a better dragon. Like, two random instances of 5 damage isn't worth much after midgame.

  5. People stock up on food an toilet paper in case the stores run empty. Kripp stocks beer! Finally someone with common sense 😀

  6. it's so nice to see this romanian feed romaine lettuce to his fellow herbivore

  7. When the maximum amount of damage you can deal Is 48, but you're kripparrian and you decide you can do more

  8. The on dude thaT probably deserves a slap on The like button and a subscribe the most. I was enjoying it so much i forgot.. This ones for you budy /slap 👍

  9. And guys dont be lame. Dont skipperino the kriperino. Hes a nice guy he has good mood. Why hate?

  10. Why are his creatures getting +2+2 when it says for murlocs but they are dragons ?? And I missing something

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