''Just roll for stats!'' | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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23 thoughts on “''Just roll for stats!'' | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. I've really disliked having the win % show during the battle. I much prefer how most of the other Hearthstone BG players do it and show it after the battle.

  2. For the good RNG part: When I first got my license I failed because the entrance to the testing site was a shoulder off a highway, so you had this curved area where people are going 45 entering a 25. When I pulled out onto the road the first time there was a guy still gunning it down the shoulder. He didn't even need to stop especially hard, but the fact he had to slow down (off a damn shoulder) to not hit us meant I pulled out in front of him so I instantly failed.

    RNG OP.

  3. tie+win chance=16% and you tie… after that less than 40% to win and you win…… Sooooooo lacky

  4. Last battle was a throw by that guy lmao, not only did he taunt battlemaster he didnt play around cleave

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