'Improving' My Tier 1 Quest Shaman Deck! | Saviors of Uldum | Hearthstone

Every day we stray further from what made this deck a trump deck. Feels bad man.



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30 thoughts on “'Improving' My Tier 1 Quest Shaman Deck! | Saviors of Uldum | Hearthstone

  1. I would definetely keep Barista and cut the mutate package…maybe add 1 or 2 boardclears or one hex in case of control warrior / big mechs or taunts 😉

    By the way — Like a lot of standard meta decks this deck wouldn' t stand a chance in wild which i play mostly where Big Priest, Cubelock and improved reno decks are a thing 😉 Play it a lot — Never saw this shaman quest!

  2. I hope I am not the only one who hates everything about the "Beaming Sidekick" card. Sure, more health is all well and good, but the artwork, the saccharine voice lines…it's just awful to see used.

  3. 8:32 HAHAHA OMG, this deck is too much. i am going to try out this version now, as i can see the value of the mutate! wow that is ridiculous!

  4. How can your quest shaman be tier 1, when the highest winrate quest shaman is about tier 2 at best?

  5. all his games in this vid did not show shudderwock being use once.

  6. 28:53 “Ok fairly obvious line of play, you wanna double battlecry the rat and see what you get, then likely play out your lackeys and/or bog slosher depending on what you get”

    Trump then proceeds to wait until the rope is halfway burnt to play a double discover. WHY

  7. am i the only one who thinks shudderwalk in the quest shamen deck isnt that great, like dont get me wrong its good and does its job correctly, however i just feel like you can really get alot of value out of it because unless you hold onto coin you cant like use hero power and play it the same turn. Its a great card dont get me wrong I just feel like their is or will be a better card to replace it

  8. Howdy. I've been playing the best version of this deck I can afford and it seems like the one of the best spells you can luck into from discover is Stormbringer. Why don't you run it in your deck?

  9. Honestly i think the community is way, way off on putting Vulpera scoundrel in shaman, because on average shaman spells are mediocre at best, as you'll know if you play either Hagathas for a few games

  10. That priest in last game actually missed lethal. After circle of healing, heal pyromancer with hero power, then holy spirit, attack with pyro for 3, then inner fire for remaining 17. Good thing he got punished.

  11. I like that you included the evolution of the deck. Are you still using this deck for quest sham?

  12. I don't get it… quest shaman seems like it should be amazing, but it just always seems to struggle to make the grade.

  13. been trying to watch players better than me play and see if i would make the same plays each turn, got to say 29:20 would have taken that four face damage and mutated the former champ. am I wrong?

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