4% Chance for an OTK?! Zul'drak Ritualist Soulbound Ashtongue Combo! | Hearthstone

The goal of this Hearthstone Standard Control Warrior OTK combo deck is to use Zul’drak Ritualist combined with Mo’arg Artificer and Shield Slam! We do this by summoning a Soulbound Ashtongue for the opponent via Zul’drak! Then, without any Mo’arg Artificer we need 30 armor, with one we need 15 armor, and with two we only need 8 armor to OTK! Extremely challenging, but fun meme deck! Good luck!

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45 thoughts on “4% Chance for an OTK?! Zul'drak Ritualist Soulbound Ashtongue Combo! | Hearthstone

  1. Hi mark, great job as always. Btw, do u play legend of runeterra ? I think we need u there🤣🤣

  2. Any chance you could add Standard/Wild to the title of your videos? It's a small thing, but I like knowing what I'm supposed to be prepared for. 😛

  3. Oh hey Mark haha. Seriously you should consider making a nice intro for your videos! A humble sugestion

  4. It could be an alternate win condition too since you don't need that much to set up this OTK. and it messes up Priest's respool.

  5. "This combo is not for the feint of heart" say no more Mark I already love it.

  6. Why are there so many otk decks
    I feel threatened every time I see someone play a single card you play on your otk decks

  7. Man, you are my favorite hearthstone player. Ive played lots of card games and I always played meme decks. Whats the point unless youre having fun? Also, you can only guess what the opponent is thinking when you pull of some bullshit. Love it man!

  8. oooo mark DECK IDEA TIME! Wasnt there a card a while ago that transformed all of a player's remaining health into armor? and wasnt there a card that destroyed all of the opponents armor?? Soooo, is there a possible combo where we give the opponent the card that then transforms all of their health into armor and then we delete it with the other one? Is this combo possible? Thanks, love the channel

  9. Love this. Mage can do it too! Just hide the combo in secret mage (ritualist, moarg, incanter's flow/apprentice , rolling fireball) and you might still snag some wins.

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