4 Triples Per Token? | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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40 thoughts on “4 Triples Per Token? | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. I haven’t even watched the video, but I’m excited just because of how enjoyable it is to watch chadgar games.

  2. You should consider doing the transition on 4, discover a brann through khadgar triples and then keep on discovering branns and the 5 drop discover murloc into more tokens. (You can taunt brann/khadgar and keep on buffing them with the 5 drop taunt buff as well)

  3. At 11:00 you don't need to sell of the un-tripled tabby cat as it will combine with your other tabbies. Missed triple.

  4. 9:21 why did some of the tabbies get double mama buffs? The original cat was a 6/6, along with the two tabbies from the hero power. However, the Khadgar tabbies got double buffs. Bug?

  5. Some chinese players made a guide on how to chadgar. Includes tips like after you play the token generator, you immediately sell it and roll to queue up animations

  6. I am going to refer to khadgar + cats as "cat pack" from now on. Cat pack into Mama Bear into Rat pack 30 times in a row and you'll have enough gold to buy a card pack. As long as you sell all the cats and rats to Bob's glue factory and replace them with murlocs, that is.

  7. I was playing Battlegrounds at the same time that I was watching this, and I ended up getting 2 Khadgars. I ended up third with big tabby cats, 2 Maexxnas, and an Amalgadon

  8. He could have such a "fun" game, trying to get golden mama with all the cat instead he went for the boring murloc pepega T_T
    Still great game though

  9. Dog why do you keep selling the fudgin' untripled tabby cat spawns?! 9:16 was understandable because you were selling a 1/1 and needed more stats from mama bear, plus you needed that extra gold to afford the rat at the end, so it probably would have been sold anyway, no harm no foul. But at 11:24 you sell an untripled tabbycat and at the end of the play you have 2 tabbycats and one extra board space left, you missed out on a triple.

  10. the kadgar made it somewhat interesting for 2 minutes during the transition but overall disappointed that another streamer is posting more and more murloc games. Dog had a perfectly good beast build going and spent tons of gold in the mid-game saving for murlocs (which he got lucky and hit).

  11. This is it, ultimate content, you're 10th place on the ladder and still playing memes, Love you dog.

  12. I found a bug when playing maiev, if u hero power minion when u got 3/6 dragon on bob and u freeze it, the next time he became 5/8, it happen to me twice. dunno how.

  13. The one time I decided to go for the Brann/Chadgar uber triple play, I relaunched my Hearthstone client and it froze at the loading screen.

  14. Correct me if I’m wrong but at 16:30 if instead of the bran Dog used the triple Chad and the two single chads plus his hero power he would have got 24 token (8 triples) from one Murloc Tidehunter. Right?

  15. Dog why do u sell the non golden alley cat token before going off with chad…? You did it twice and missed triples

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