7 Creepiest Things Found in World of Warcraft

In this video we go over some of the creepiest and scariest secrets found in WoW: BfA.

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37 thoughts on “7 Creepiest Things Found in World of Warcraft

  1. Here is something I don't get. It was stated that Blizz blocked off Karazhan Crypt so they didn't have to change the game's rating. The massive irony is that almost every element of that crypt can be found all across Azeroth. You have everything from hanging bodies, sound remnants of crude or evil events, creepy devil worshipping kids, bones scattered across many zones, to the ideology of all that is evil and "terrifying". The Karazhan Crypt feels small in comparison. I could create a long list of content that surpasses that crypt. So where in the world of logic does this place need to be blocked if all else is acceptable?

  2. Wiff hawwoween appwoaching its ownly wite that i make a video about the cweepies twing in wherld of wharcwahft. Mans got a loose goose ! Ily man!

  3. Before Cata, that cave on the Silithus shore sat next to a cute little Tauren fishing camp. The sleeping dragon was added with Cata.

  4. ARe you sure you really know World of Warcraft ? Or are you just telling bullshit to get subs ? Almost every things you talk about are explain either in game or in the lore you can find on internet.

  5. The voices un undercity is the dialogue of Arthas when he kills his father in. That same place in Warcraft 3, "and from the ashes a a new order (don't remember) that Will shake the verte foundations of the world i think, allá that things are just easter eggs

  6. I'm kind of surprised that they didn't bring up the random spirit healer in the northern barrens

  7. Most of the stuff I just saw came out and was found LONG before bfa. You could have just said World of Warcraft instead of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. Not trying to be toxic or anything, just pointing out a mistake. I’ve come across many new players thinking an expansion’s title is part of the main game’s title; it’s not. When I say new players, and this is coming from someone who has been playing the game since 2004, I mean grown men who play like they have never touched a keyboard and mouse in their life lol. I don’t get mad I just get surprised at what I see. Then again I’m a WoW veteran who is used to playing with pro/highly experienced players. One of the downsides to being in the top 100 worldwide for pvp lol

  8. What about the group of children that go into a house and create a formation in front of the bed?

  9. I recently noticed that there is a female blood elf that gets crushed to death by a giant stone mask in the throne of thunder raid in the watcher section, just before the fog creatures come out from behind the stone masks.

  10. Number 4: I think it's for decoration — Every place needs to have an unknown cave with a dragon in it, right?

  11. "No one knows why there are so many skeletons on the floor."
    Proceeds to show a dragon
    Well, this will forever remain a mystery.

  12. They use C'thun eye for one towers I think that thing in water is unused asset

  13. i got my own little theory that the south gate pass maybe there could be a old god trapped in the mountain trying to break free or somethin like that
    Also if you didnt know the deep sea kraken isnt the only one you can find 😛
    Spoiler alert for battle of azeroth:

    i think number 2 is the way down to the prison that you rescue the zaldazar princess from

  14. Sauronite is the blood of an Old God, Yog’Sauroth{sp?}. In addition, even undead were slowly corrupted. The undead minions merely lasted longer than any other option.

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