78% Winrate - This Deck is INSANE!! - OP Pirate Warrior - Ashes of Outland - Hearthstone

We climbed from rank 4.5k to 500ish using this Pirate Warrior deck. The games are insanely fast and it’s very consistent. The average game is 5.5 minutes.

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Pirate Warrior Code v6.9

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Outro Song: Slip by Geographer

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About Dekkster
Hey, I’m Dekkster and I play games. If you like Hearthstone gameplay and watching cool decks, this is the channel for you!

78% Winrate — This Deck is INSANE!! — OP Pirate Warrior — Ashes of Outland — Hearthstone



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27 thoughts on “78% Winrate — This Deck is INSANE!! — OP Pirate Warrior — Ashes of Outland — Hearthstone

  1. Man i run this deck without ancharr or any Legendary and still slamming hard on ladder, went 14 — 6 recently, lose my shit facing demon Hunter though. Anyway great video man, have a good one

  2. I think you have a good idea right there. You can put good games on an other channel ( but why not doing it on this one already ? )
    We're not only here to see " the new best decks that you've found " as we always saw but we're also here to watch YOU playing your freaking decks haha.
    Big fan of you, Love your content dude ! And stay hydrated <3

  3. If you're talking about second channels you gotta at least consider Dekkstra right?

  4. I love your content! Do you often stream earlier if you get up earlier, or was that just something you did this time due to construction? 😂

  5. Or show a bloopers reel. Where you got RNG'd or high rolled by the opponent. Or where you missed lethal or misplayed.

  6. Is cannonship or skybarge better, it’s a 2/5 against a 2/3 one comes down early but is easy to kill, one comes later but is more likely to survive a turn maybe 2

  7. Nice! I saw this deck with pretty good numbers.. but noone covering it.. like at all.. so im glad that you are! Pirate Warrior Resurgence! 🤘🏻😜

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