79% Winrate Deck S Tier | Hearthstone | Control Warrior | Ashes of Outland

Hearthstone Ashes of Outlands and Demon Hunter are the newest expansion and class and I am currently playing as Control Warrior. This deck uses the new Prime cards and this Warrior Deck is probably one of the best hearthstone decks and will help you climb to legend. This will be a guide for you all on how to play Control Warrior, so I hope you enjoy the Control Warrior Guide and Hearthstone Gameplay. Ecore100

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9 thoughts on “79% Winrate Deck S Tier | Hearthstone | Control Warrior | Ashes of Outland

  1. Yo E, what Deck would you recommend for climbing? Im running Token/Ramp Druid right now and kinda doing okay, i replaced Ysera for Kael to cheat more Mana (saved me many times already) .. do u think Warrior is the better choice?

  2. Is it worth to change tempo rogue with this? I'm platinium 5 and i kind of strugle with druid every time. And also mage, i hate when they play random spells that always do their work in clearing the board and also filling it with minions. I mean i like tempo rogue, is tactical, but i'm loosing control sometimes. That's why I'm asking if it is better to collect some dust and do a old fashioned control warrior?

  3. Awesome videos man, I've been watching recently great content, you got yourself a new sub. Keep it up buddy!!

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