80% Winrate Big Druid Deck Guide and Gameplay | Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland

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In Today’s video we play some Big Druid! The new Big Druid in ashes of outland is all about ramping up with overgrowth and slamming huge dragons, scrapyard collossus and comboing off with exotic mountseller. The new card overgrowth is super fun and makes Big Druid the best deck to get to legend! Okay that might be over exaggerating, but the decks fun so try it if you can 🙂 This is a good Ashes of outland Druid deck, although demon hunter is still op after the demon hunter nerfs. This is a decent meta deck in hearthstone and a good way to get to legend quickly. — Enjoy the Big Druid gameplay and guide, let me know if there are any decks you are looking forward to seeing!

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7 thoughts on “80% Winrate Big Druid Deck Guide and Gameplay | Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland

  1. Shit went from 80 to 88%. We slowly getting closer to the 100% big daddy unstoppable build

  2. pretty good deck i went from rank 5 to rank 3 so far. i am struggling only against gala warlock. any advice?

  3. Yeah playing with that deck is great, I also like the spell druid too. Like the one from that last game, although unless you have the best hand big boy druid will win every time I think 🙂

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