9 Soul Fragment Cards! - Scholomance Academy Review #6 | Hearthstone

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30 thoughts on “9 Soul Fragment Cards! — Scholomance Academy Review #6 | Hearthstone

  1. i dont care about the DH cards .. all im glad about is that i might finally be able to play control warlock again.

  2. Please remember to sleep and rest a bit Jens, and thank you <3

  3. With a name like Marrowslicer, I feel it should shuffle soul fragments upon killing a minion.

  4. Prediction: the best way to use the soul fragments will be in quest warlock and not zoo. Soul fragments are cards that draw cards. Everytime you draw a soul fragment you draw 2 cards and also heal. Quest warlock loves this. The question is what to replace.

  5. Thinking about it now, it's probably the most expensive set, as every class gets 3 legendaries and most of them actually seem strong

  6. Can't wait for the trolden video of thijs or kripp playing a souls deck and chain drawing all the souls fragments in one go after setting up

  7. first card revealed: Devout Pupil Divine Shield, Taunt costs (1) less for each spell you've cast on friendly characters this game.

  8. "Is a 5 mana 5/5 deal 5 good? Yes " says the Soulshard Lapirdary and Apexis Blast club, when Cumulo-Maximus cries in the corner

  9. the have many mechanics from magic the gathering.

    Like you can combine classes (in magic: mana colors), that new neutral weapon is a scry mechanic.

    So nice improvements, Hearthstone will be awesome next Expansion.

    Hope nothing will be OP…

  10. Turn 4 Marrowslicer, turn 5 Souldshard Lapidary.
    12 dmg over 2 turns. Do I need to say more folks…

    Face DH

  11. 5 mana 5/5 battlecry deal 5 saw absolutely 0 play in shaman though and you didn't even need to take face damage for that one.

  12. Does drawing a soul fragment not draw you another card, does it just say heal two instead of drawing this turn? Questionable if that's the case.

  13. I love soul shards, if you destroy them, you gain so much advantage, if you heal with them you get the last amount of survivability to outreach your opponent

  14. This would be good in warlock…. if they like souls shards…. this could also be good in demon hunter… if you like soul shards.

  15. Wait. I just realised. If you draw these soul fragments, you wont draw another card after the effect. Meaning instead of drawing a normal card you just heal for 2. This is awful unless you play that new legenedary which will make these fragments to the bottom of deck(but nobody will play it)

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