A Closer look at Hearthstone card backs

Update: Here’s the follow up video showing every single hearthstone card back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRwUfOrwXXU

An angled view at Hearthstone card backs to show just how 3D they are.


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25 thoughts on “A Closer look at Hearthstone card backs

  1. I would have liked to see these in their normal 3dness without your 'amplification'. Also a more smooth rotation effect with a changing cardback each revolution would make a really good video.

  2. Can't you approach Blizzard and tell them to implement this awesome 3D into the actual game??? All the stuff is already there!

  3. Artists draw things in 3d or make 3d models for animated objects as a base a lot of the time, it helps with getting the right level of detail.

  4. This is amazing!!Did you write it in C++?How could you use/access the Hearthstone program itself?

  5. During the Hearthstone beta I submitted the suggestion that when you're in the collection book and looking closely at the cards you also could have the ability to turn them left and right about 45 degrees to enjoy the card's 3D effect. But sadly no.

  6. Can somebody explain how somebody got the cardback with Xmas lights on it but NOT the wreath one? The guy said he got it from the Feast of Winter Veil tavern, but that's the wreath one we all got, not the one with just a string of lights. I'm confused where he got it. It's not listed anywhere either.

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