A Crazy Flippin' OTK! Flametongue Totem Crazed Alchemist Combo! | Hearthstone

The goal of this Hearthstone Wild Quest Shaman OTK combo deck is to use Flametongue Totem combined with Crazed Alchemist! We do this by playing double Flametongue or Flametongue and Totemic Reflection, Wolfrider, Quest Hero Power, double Crazed Alchemist, and Windfury for exactly 30 damage! Super fun meme deck! Good luck!

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20 thoughts on “A Crazy Flippin' OTK! Flametongue Totem Crazed Alchemist Combo! | Hearthstone

  1. It's nice to see the text on cards doing what it should do, I tried casting Inner Fire on Overconfident Orc and it just became a 6/6 and ignored the +2 attack while at full health

  2. Wing Commander has a similar interaction with the topsy turvy type effects. I would love to the the shenanigans you could pull with that

  3. I never realized this before as I thought it was just a visual bug, but instead is a visual feature. If you hover over your quest, your cards that can complete the quest will come to the forefront. At (4:05) Mark hovers over the quest to check quest completion, which shows the number of ticks it has completed, the reward, but also the cards in hand that can be used to complete the quest. Does this feature apply to all the quests, or is this a feature of his deck tracker?

  4. Man you can also start the video with a fucking different phrase than " all right deck intro time….so for this combo.." , it's not a damn rule that every youtuber has to start videos in the same way

  5. Ah nice symmetry for those OCD viewers, you even got 2 hits with the wolfrider one on a minion and the second for exact lethal, nice and tidy! Next time try giving him a 3/15 juraxxas just for even more precision!

  6. Dude these are amazing.
    How do u come up with these? Do you get them online, think of them yourself or what?
    Also, do you have a lot of them on the back burner for later videos or are you running on empty trying to figure out new ones all the time?

  7. I love this interaction, same happens with all buff aura effects, like stormwind champion and raid leader, hope they never change it, even if it's annoying at times.

  8. I love your vids Mark, they remind me I should be having fun with Hearthstone instead of raging at rng

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