A Deck FULL OF BIRBS!!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1417

A Deck FULL OF BIRBS!!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1417

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ES_He Wants to Dance — Chalalatas
ES_Diner Dreams — Gary Combs
ES_Lost in the Plot — T. Morri
ES_One Man Town — Addie Horner
ES_Move Over Mickey — Ritchie Everett
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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48 thoughts on “A Deck FULL OF BIRBS!!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1417

  1. Yogg is of course the best 10 mana card, it's basically the game judge, if it thinks you deserve to win the game, it pretty much makes it so and forces the opponent to concede, but on the other hand, if it doesn't think you deserve it, it pyroblasts you in the face, and afterwards casts cataclysm, and there is nothing else to do than to accept your fate. Yogg is the judge and executioner.

  2. King phaoris is one of my favourite cards on standard right now. He defines a couple other decks and makes some big clunky spells playable.

  3. I really like Yogg, Well somthimes because it’s mostly good for me, and it’s just fun to play the card, and have no idea on what´s gonna happen.

  4. The best 10 mana card is a 6 mana minion that gets hit by 2 embiggens and 2 vargoth embiggens.
    This post was made by embiggen druid gang

  5. Somebody remember old Millhouse Manastorm Battlecry which give you MEGA-BLAST?
    It's the best 10 mana card what I remember in Hearthstone.

  6. Game ending cards are the best 10 mana cards in my opinion. Stuff like Deathwing, Yogg and Yoggs box. Either it goes your way, or your opponent counters you to the N’th dimension

  7. Clearly the 2 best 10 mana cards are yogg, and puzzle box. The worst ones are the ones with no effect

  8. Probably the best 10 Mana Card ever was Bloodreaver Guldan. Meta-Defining at every level it has been released, even still in wild.

  9. MR EDITOR! Can you PLEASE do something about the sound? Random screams blowing up here and there, it makes hard to relax and watch. Thank you.

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