A Perfect Zerus Creates One of The Nuttiest Games Ever | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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36 thoughts on “A Perfect Zerus Creates One of The Nuttiest Games Ever | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Master of murlocs btw heh heh heh (also he stops eating a couple of minutes in, the game is really good it’s worth I promise)

  2. This khadgar buff bug is so irritating. Some of the tokens get double buffs from mama bear.

  3. it kinda hurts whenever i see your order of operations for doing triples with khadgar/brann
    i think bebe has it down with that one.
    get the triples (all that youre able)
    then play the triples (and hold the discover-a-minion card in your hand)
    then do all the discovers and make a decent board

  4. 0:31
    You know, I almost didn't start the stream today…
    But then, I thought about all of you beautiful people…
    And then, I almost still didn't start it.


  5. Just a friendly comment that isn't bothered by him eating in the mic that bad. GG dog

  6. One of the best players in this game, someone that can play fast, almost by reflexes. Also understands the strenght and exploits of combos and/or heroes

  7. why Kripparrian can t learn from DogDog ? Kripp is playing this game 20 hours per day from years and still making monstruosity errors

  8. one of my biggest complaint with battlegrounds is the speed of the animations. the amount of times ive fucked a chad turn because of them is more than i care to count. wish they would look at it and change it or atleast add a skip fight button so you dont have to reload the game. As someone with shit internet sometimes the speed of fight actually is faster than trying to reconnect.

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