A tier list of EVERY Elemental in Hearthstone history! | Scholomance Academy | Hearthstone

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31 thoughts on “A tier list of EVERY Elemental in Hearthstone history! | Scholomance Academy | Hearthstone

  1. Tierlist of quest?
    Tierlist of hero cards?
    Of secrets ?
    Of 1 or 10 (or any other number but i think 1 or 10 better) mana cards ?
    Of shaman (or any other class) cards?
    Of battelground cards (power in battelground not in standard/wild) ?

  2. Shaman Quest Hero power into the new innerve you are back to 10 mana and you are overloaded then you play 2 cumulo for 20dmg with just 10mana.. It's not an otk yet but it's still good I think

  3. I am new here and I’m loving the tier lists and other content. Love that you show the cards when you talk about them, makes the video super engaging

  4. U can make other lists of the best battlecry card or best deathrattle card etc. Looking at the best card of each mechanic.
    U can add a list of: the best combo enabler.
    You're welcome bro 😎

  5. I really enjoy those videos and I know they took a lot of effort, because you need to download all the images of the cards and upload them to tier them, so I suggest something, instead of downloading the card image file download the full art used for the card, I think we know a lot of cards and with those little images on the tier It helps when the art of the card itself is more clear since the text is so small, What do you think?

  6. I've been playing this control shaman Zeddy/anyone in the comments with marshspawn, I'm Rank 2 with it so omegalul not even legend but I'm 18-4 with it and the 4 losses are to 3 boxes/reno winning the game and a highroll murloc paladin. Basically you fatigue every fight (aka all the priests I fought).
    DISCLAIMER to anyone who wants to try it: I've fought only two DHs with it so you can probably take out the oozes, but if you want to try a fun deck guys, started at rank 10.

  7. yess daddy zeddy I'm so excited any time you post a video 😀 keep the tier lists coming

  8. I always thought magma ranger was more of a teaching card to help players understand the importance of health

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