AFK is TOO OP - What Was BLIZZARD Thinking?! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | HS Auto Battler


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31 thoughts on “AFK is TOO OP — What Was BLIZZARD Thinking?! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | HS Auto Battler

  1. People that watch his streams,

    How often does this guy lose? I really want to see a loss or two…. just a little humility lol

  2. 'Quickly, let's get in on this autobattler hype and make some money.' — Exactly what Blizzard was thinking.

  3. If found a busted combo
    Mama bear and khadgar and Iron hunt
    The iron hunt would be a 11/11 and if he overkills a minion than he spawns a 5/5 which is upgraded to a 9/9 which is copied and upgraded to a 13/13 (golden Khadgar will give you two 13/13 and one 9/9)

    With other beast spawners you are just unkillable….

  4. Please keep playing battlegrounds toast. I love your content but I just can’t get into watching you play lol auto chess but with hearthstone I can watch you for days.

  5. You dont need the clickbait titles bro. We just want to watch your videoes. Please, its so awful! Nice vid tho

  6. I love this absolutely nonsense clickbait. So because its on every video its for me just an information which comb or hero he is playing xD

  7. The administration of the russian forum continues to ban for expressing personal opinions. Why do blizzards respond to calls to change something in the game in a socialist style? That is, either no way or later.

  8. So, the title was just click bait then? Or do you think that A. F. Kay is almost to OP? I don’t think I’ll watch any more of your videos if you keep this up.

  9. Kind of annoying how the intro is him talking about his 2 cards he gets as afk, but we don't get to actually see what they were and only what he picked after? Even if it just cut right back and it was what we just heard I'd rather have seen them than not, the little short was good and all but don't replace the original footage with them :/

  10. Ahh Yes Hearthstone the entertainment for dim witted imbeciles that enjoy wasting their hard earned cash and time on a money making scam.

  11. If only the 2/7 that gets +1 attack after a minion attacks kept the buff throughout the run :/

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