AL'AR PRIEST IS ALARMINGLY GOOD!! Endless Crazy Dearthrattles! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

This deck from the Priest master Zetalot includes both Al’ar and Chromatic Egg for some absurd deathrattle copying value on the back of Grave Rune and Psyche Split. Despite all the shenanigans, it’s also winning me a lot of games!


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24 thoughts on “AL'AR PRIEST IS ALARMINGLY GOOD!! Endless Crazy Dearthrattles! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. I have loved Alar in priest. If I can go turn 4 coin into Alar and turn 5 copy it is practically auto-win. Opponent just stares for a moment then conceeds

  2. Any replacement for alar? Can I just use the prime guy instead, I don’t wanna craft alar right now lol

  3. please start doing the introes where u talk about the deck and what it does and such, u did that in the past and i really think its nice to get that introduction 🙂

  4. Alar feels like shuma where i thought it would be completely unplayable but they both ended up feeling good in some decks

  5. Regis, were you playing demon hunter at all? I think I faced you as evolve shaman. That demon hunter was to strong! GG “Kingwolf33”

  6. I've had more fun with this meta than I had for years before this. I had stopped playing the game for a long time due to cancerous shit like Odd Paladin and Res Priest. I've had a ton of fun coming back to the game since Outland. Of course that could be because I'm fortunate enough to be running one of the most expensive decks in the game (Highlander Rogue), but man am I enjoying myself. The last time I had this much fun was with Deathrattle Hunter running Rexxar. I love Kibler-type decks that do a bunch of random crazy highroll nonsense and offer a bunch of discovery and other classes' cards. Rogue is SO much fun right now.

  7. You can almost hear the record screech in the Demon Hunter's head when the first Deathwing popped out.

  8. Fanny it's too powerful, it blinded the basilisk, bringed the sword, healed the injure of Harry and bringed 4 people out of that cave, IT'S FUCKING OP

  9. 7:50 hey regis, i know this is just a habit of yours and you don't really think much of it, but during a new expansion at least, can you not click on the cards so we can read them? Great videos though, keep em coming

  10. Noice, i never thought this would be good standard, but it doesn’t suppose me too much because, I crafted Alar, Teron, Reliquary and that scrapyard giant thing on day 1 for my deathrattle package in wild.
    I’d def add Teron though, too many deathrattle to go to waste

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