ALEXSTRASZA THE BOMB QUEEN?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Alexstrasza isn’t just about Dragons, Bombs will do just fine!
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33 thoughts on “ALEXSTRASZA THE BOMB QUEEN?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. This run must have been straight up illegal. That kind of rnjesus, any hero would have won.

  2. 0:30 Hmm, so the one run I've had with her where I discovered two Razorgores was….. Preeeeeeeeeetty good?

  3. Every time I play Alexstraza, I get to tier 5 and get offered Tier 1 and 2 dragons…it needs to be buffed.

  4. There was a way more brutal bomb run today. It's gonna get uploaded soon. Zerus into Baron. Mark my words

  5. 0:00 It's going terrible, Kripp.

    I recently found out that people are eating animals for their pleasure, furthermore you'd be one of them if it wasn't for health conditions which really makes you no better, more than half the people who respond to this are going to tell me to fuck off, and furthermore, saying fuck is a bad word.

    Says who?!

    Who made up this shit??

    Anyways, peace, love, and go vegan.

    I hope you get 8th place. <3

  6. “Alexstrasza the bomb queen?!”

    “ … NEW META?!”

    Kripp every time he has one good game with an unlikely build on that hero

  7. Well slap me down with a feather this was FUN! Enters the battlegrounds with this play in mind knowing she could NEVER pull off what Kripp does

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