ALREADY NERFED!?! Demon Hunter Gets Hit AFTER ONE DAY!! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

Demon Hunter nerfs are ALREADY here! That’s an insane turnaround on addressing what was probably the most problematic expansion debut in history!

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News | Hearthstone | ALREADY NERFED!?! Demon Hunter Gets Hit AFTER ONE DAY!!


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34 thoughts on “ALREADY NERFED!?! Demon Hunter Gets Hit AFTER ONE DAY!! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. I only got to play a few games and immediately i was like holy shit some of these cards are bs

  2. Zzeraku is the perfect drop right before the Imprisoned Antaen awakes. There is actually no way for a Demonhunter to kill a board of 6/6 Netherdrakes. They regret not only imprisoning, but awakening him too. 😂😂 just try it. They are not prepaired

  3. Been doing my best to eliminate all demon hunters on sight. They're a cancer on the ladder, barely see anything but them and warlocks. Saw a spell Mage, they were fun to fight.

  4. I'm glad they acted fast, but i don't think it's enough. Why is a class that can go that fast also the best at drawing cards. It makes no sense. You wanna draw cards in fast warlock there's usually a discard caveat. Nourish costs 6 mana so i reckon skull of guldan will continue to be the best card draw in the game accompanied by the 4 other busted card draw mechanics they have available.

  5. blizzard probably already knew DH was op so they had nerfs waiting. some of these cards are just op idk why they would print straight forward op cards

  6. Either the design or balance team has no idea what they're doing, the balance team ran out of time, or they purposely released broken cards to sell more preorders. Seems fishy to me.

  7. Bullshit, They did nothing it is still broken, i was enjoying the game till 3 days ago, now its fucking unplayable… THANKS BLIZZARD.. WP, fuck us harder… maybe bring Magina as an anti-mage and hes hero power might be "destroy your opponent's mana crystals"… will be balanced. ….THANKS for destroying your own fucking game..

  8. Oddly enough, I was able to fully refund the cards before they displayed the nerfed stats. Anyways, good riddance.

  9. they had the nerfs ready before demon hunter was available because hearthstone wanted people to buy cards and come back to the game to play the new op class. Now they have your pre-purchase money they are "nerfing" the cards to their original stats

  10. A part of me think they planned on releasing a death knight class back in Knights of the Frozen Throne, even designing card borders for them, but then decided not to after realizing the balancing nightmare it would cause. Guess that’s what they’re experiencing now

  11. Doesn't take a genius to see that Skull of Guldan is too OP, with it's 9 mana reduction in a 3 card draw. I even made a joke that they would increase its mana cost from 5 to 6.

  12. Midrange is still too ridiculous, the discount into T5 Priestess followed by T6 Antean is busted. Priestess needs to be 8 mana at least, it is already a better Ragnaros.

  13. Try to play ARENA against the 8 mana DH minion, that hawe 5-10 stats, rush and atack again if kill….. I will say it — fukuuuuuuuuu that sheeet!!!!!!! It just clears all your damn bord, cose of 5 atack stat, and almost every time leevs a 5-2(5) minion on theyr bord for a repeat, if needed. It is FLAMESTRIKE on megasteroids in ARENA and ruin every game, that you somehow manage to take at turn 8 against that broken horned bastard 8(

  14. I love all these people acting like this wasn't planned from the beginning to sell packs.

  15. What's with Blizzard's hard-on for making cards free now? Dragonqueen Alex, Skull of Gul'Dan, Rogue Galakrond… it's power creep, I get it. At what point does Blizzard get that making cards free kinda defeats the purpose of a MANA-BASED card game? You might as well play Yu-Gi-Oh if you want that much freedom… and we've seen how that's gone.

  16. DH still have 1 mana snowballing 2/2, and 2 mana master for battle and rag 2.0 deal 6 split damage. Nerf hammer has a lot of work still

  17. Its pretty annoying to face DH every second game … I hope that they will nerf him again a little and people will start playing something else

  18. Part of me thinks they already had these nerfs planned but held them back until after release just so that they would increase the hype for the expansion.

  19. Eye Beam updated an entire day before the nerf was announced. I thought my card was glitched, but now I’m wondering if I was used as some sort of hidden beta tester

  20. demon hunter after nerf still strong.. i suggest quit awhile till there balance everything… me rank platinum 2 with demon hunter now after nerf,,, ahahaha..

  21. Probably because Demon Hunter is fucking disgusting and rampant throughout standard play.. I can't play anything other than warlock or demon hunter… You just lose..

  22. Dont give them too much credit for patching quick. They could've made the class more fair from the start. Still feels gross to play against imo

  23. Thats because every little fucboi wannabe withn a 24/901 mile radius wants to play the class . Nothing new from the game experience.

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