ANY WOMAN by Katherine Tynan ( with explanation in Malayalam)

‘Any Woman’ explained in bilingual method so that every kid can understand it.

presented by: Ranjitha R Pillai


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35 thoughts on “ANY WOMAN by Katherine Tynan ( with explanation in Malayalam)

  1. You r absolutely correct tchr, mother really do many sacrifices for the welfare of the family. She is really the main support of the family. Her love and affection are really undescribable

  2. Lesson was conducted with such clarity. Very apt examples and easy to follow. Hope the students will watch and benefit from these lessons especially during this lockdown. The effort is much appreciated. Thank you teacher.

  3. Good Presentation Teacher… very well rendered. teachers like you are the assets for the next generation…. keep going. Thank you..

  4. Teacher u r amazing 😍I never see such an beautiful presentation . In which school did u teach ?

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