ARANNA + POGOS IS CRAZY!! But Can It Actually Work? | Battlegrounds | Hearthstone

The new hero Aranna has arrived in Battlegrounds, and she might just open up one of the most consistent Pogo-Hopper strategies in the mode so far. But is it actually good enough to work?

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Battlegrounds | Hearthstone | ARANNA + POGOS IS CRAZY!! But Can It Actually Work?


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21 thoughts on “ARANNA + POGOS IS CRAZY!! But Can It Actually Work? | Battlegrounds | Hearthstone

  1. Hey folks, I recorded this off stream by myself, and I'm wondering if the commentary still feels natural. It's a little easier for me sometimes to test out wacky stuff like this when I have a spare hour than booting up a whole stream and such. But only if it still feels authentic.

  2. At 15:52 I think you tiered up too soon. As it cost 0 you could have bought the pogo and rolled 7 times, then as your last action tiered up and played the pogo.

    I also think it was a mistake not buying the unstable ghoul at 30:53.

    If you put your line up as taunt pogo 1st, unstable ghoul 2nd, macaw 3rd, pogo,pogo,pogo and finished selfless hero.

    If nadina attacks 1st it will either die or kill the ghoul and live.
    If you attack 1st the worst outcome is you kill the nadina, but then the ghoul will remove the remaining divine shields before your macaw triggers your selfless hero.

    Obviously it does depend on rng but potential payoff is higher as the selfless hero could remove a maximum of 6 shields Vs the hydra's 3 (or 2 if it attacks an outcast minion)

  3. You definitely should've taken golggrubber instead of hangry dragon. With 4 golden minions on board it would become better in 2-3 turns and at 28:53 you would triple it, gaining +20/20 each turn.

  4. When going pogos, you should always sell your first golden pogo after you hit the second golden pogo to put 3 pogos back in the pool. It increases your odds of finding more pogos. So long as you dont get hit with the hard scaling dragon or goldgrubber you can usually finish the game on your third golden pogo, even if it's the only pogo onboard. .

  5. The other comments about selling the first golden pogo earlier and increasing your chance of getting a new one seem to be on the ball. Still, this was your first time trying the Aranna pogo-hoppers, so next time should go even better.

  6. omg, Monty Python, you already have my like at the intro, good sir

  7. id like to see the arianna choking top 3 rate…. probably why her tier ratings are so low

  8. Nice video man but don't be sad if u got 2nd place. You were lucky enough to get Aranna as a hero anyways. Some people just get useless Jaraxxus

  9. I tried the pogo strat once in t2 with shudder.
    Found only 3 pogos till i died -_- and i was the only one going mechs

  10. @14:35 … not leveling up with 11 seconds left after you already decided you would upgrade next turn costed you -1 gold on the next level up… this is the second video in a row you've done this.

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