Aranna Starseeker - New Demon Hunter Hero (Hearthstone)

Aranna Starseeker — the alternate demon hunter hero was just released as a bundle with 20 packs and a card back during hearthstone’s felfire festival. The video shows Aranna Starseeker emotes, voice lines and animations, intro dialogues and special voice lines, special interactions



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49 thoughts on “Aranna Starseeker — New Demon Hunter Hero (Hearthstone)

  1. Someone should tell Blizzard that literally no one would complain about having several new hero portraits in-game.
    Give us Cairne, give us King Llane, give us Grom, give us Gallywix, give us Varian, there is literally no reason not to.

  2. "Together, we are not easily broken" really blizzard? that's the best you can do? The rest of the lines are still cool tho

  3. At this point: Illidan feels way more like a hero skin than Aranna does. And that's why I like Aranna way better.

  4. "A blunder?" In illidian's voice is the greatest face flap of all time when you fuck up a play

  5. Mighty disappointed she has zero reactions to:
    -Elise Starseeker — the druid Hero
    -Elise Starseeker
    -Elise the Trailblazer
    -Elise the Enlightened

  6. I like how the new dh heroes respond to certain cards being played, I hope they do this in future as i think it makes gives them more character. I just wish they slightly changed the hero power artwork that’d be so sick

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