Ashes of Outlands next Hearthstone Expansion, Demon Hunter Hero and Priest Changes | Solem

Ashes of Outlands was leaked about an hour ago in a Polygon article which was removed soon after. We will get a new Class the Demon Hunter with Illidan Stormrage as a Hero and a new Keyword called Outcast. Outcast cards will have an additional effect when they are the left or right most card in your hand when played. Priest will get some buffs to basic and classic cards and a few newly added minions as well

The official announcement will be on March 17th at 9am PST / 5pm CET but the leak looks promising enough that we talk about it a day early. The Article and card overview is linked down below. Let me know what you think about a new hero, priest getting buffed and the expansion theme of a new «evil league» so in the comments. Also pls like the video so I can buy food 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Ashes of Outlands next Hearthstone Expansion, Demon Hunter Hero and Priest Changes | Solem

  1. I'm really sad about the power word shield nerf, as the only reason I ever run it is for the card draw. But sadly I have to do other stuff now

  2. There is absolutely no way this is real, the cards are sooooo fake and it was obviously polygan looking for some clickbait whoch ya’ll gave it to them… 🤭😓

  3. I'm so glad I never gave up on HS. I was close, but never actually quit it. Priest is my main class and this makes me REALLY hyped.

  4. If this is true, I'm glad Priest is getting redone to be the absolute control class it was made to be. I just hope people stop playing Ress Priest now because Priest is my main class but haven't touched it in months.

  5. Demon Hunter = TBC Classic confirmed. which means they'll add Death Knight in a few years when they release WotLK Classic. just a thought 😛

  6. Hi man, watch this deck and tell me how can I improve it. I hitted diamond 3. I hope you like that

    Highlander Demon Hunter


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