Baron, Goldrinn, and Hydras 🐺 Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Got em all — Mama Bear, Hydra, Golden Baron, Goldrinn. Now what?

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17 thoughts on “Baron, Goldrinn, and Hydras 🐺 Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Hey Amaz, love your videos. Binging your old arenas with the infinite FFAs has really got me through lockdown 😀

  2. Ads are LITERALLY connected to your search history lol even if he didn’t search that particular app he searched something similar lol

  3. I got a golden hydra in a run last night… Total trap… It has no benefit. Just stick with two rather than triple it.

  4. Can you post the other game from Monday as well? The one where you said "we won't take 28 Damage" and immediately took 28 damage? I know it's a loss but it's such a great clip.

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