Baron Performs An UNEXPECTED Move | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1507

Baron Performs An UNEXPECTED Move | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1507

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ES_Well All Right — Pip Mondy
ES_Sauerkraut Success — Trabant 33
ES_Keys of Gold — Tiki Tiki
ES_Bye Bye Medina — Alexandra Woodward
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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42 thoughts on “Baron Performs An UNEXPECTED Move | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1507

  1. Im on Mobile and i had games where the enemy played amazing reno and on the enemies next turn my apped crashed and recrashed again when i tried to relog
    This happened twice to me so far

  2. I'd really rather enjoy playing those sicks treasure cards in a Tavern Brawl. They even have one that you can play with some bosses and one of them is Togwaggle that discovers a random treasure with the hero power.

  3. We already have solo adventure cards. Wandrous Wand. And it is OP. Getting even more would be bonkers

  4. Seriously, Zeddy, just click on the card that shows up after the opponent plays it or when a secret gets revealed, so you don't have to blame animations again.

  5. Yeah for sure, more rng and overpowered cards is what standard needs

  6. Zeddy: sits around doing nothing. Rope appears : oh, better empty my entire hand and then complain that I don't have time.

  7. I currently play purely mobile cuz I don't have a home pc anymore but the only thing that annoys me is every time I open the game after switching apps it disconnects and won't load unless I kill the app and reopen

  8. comment question: nah they are too op, maybe blizzard can put them in tavern brawls tho

  9. 2:10 Oh man, that was brutal. The last time my internet totally dropped on me was watching one of these videos during a Dragonbane play. That is such a weird coincidence.

  10. 3:37 am I missing something? Just an ordinary play. Not funny, not lucky. Why is this here? America explain

  11. Vis-a-vis adventure cards… You gotta get something that activates the wondrous wisdom ball… It'd be like Reno casting random spells for you that sometimes win the game, but more reliable…

    (Which is to say, that sounds like hell, don't do it Blizzard)

  12. that arumba salt. you would think the ai just marched through and ignored your fort's zone of control to see him like that

  13. Connection issues are not ALL that common. Maybe a three out of ten. The bigger downside is that bugs last longer, like the mana display bug. But you never see one of those "I targeted his thing but it hit my thing" clips from a mobile player, so we have that going for us.

  14. 9:51 wait…wouldn’t ever murder be an assassin by definition then, as two people who have butts need to be involved

  15. I wouldn't mind most of the treasures being in but behind a lengthy quest sort of thing like Rin and Azari. Of course they have to be changed to not break the game to easily. Idea for Rod of Roasting. Quest: Cast 2 Fireballs and a Pyroblast. Reward: Cast the "Rod of Roasting". 2 Pyroblasts are 1 too many imo

  16. Quest: survive 40 turns. Reward: cast rod of roasting.
    This will be the only viable way rod of roasting can be used outside of solo adventures without it breaking the game

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