Battleground Changes and DH Nerf! | Trump News | Hearthstone

Mostly just Battleground changes though…

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45 thoughts on “Battleground Changes and DH Nerf! | Trump News | Hearthstone

  1. I dont get why they didnt nerf Macaw. Its strange that it gains the buff even if it would have get killes otherwise.

  2. DDahyoni is a Korean player and in English it’s pronounced as Da-Hee-oh-nee with emphasis on the Da

  3. wow you actually used a bbc news background, thought it was stock footage before ….. are you trying to get demonitized ?

  4. How the fuck is Maiev low tier? The power literally gives you every round a minion for 1 gold with 1/1 after like turn 4? I swear i pick her everytime and go to top 3 and i am not a 3000 player

  5. There's a lot more painfull classes to face right now than DH. Rogue needs it way more IMO.

  6. Pretty hars nerf to Twin Blades tbh.The 0 cost used to be pretty good to trigger your outcast effects

  7. Some might say that Trump himself made the sound effects in the beginning

  8. I remember looking at Trump's recent battleground videos and people predicted exactly this ivdeo being made by Trump.

  9. DH "nerfs"
    DH in arena with a solid 39% wr: crying
    Wild players: crying even harder

  10. And the important part of the news, they also added a quest you can't complete. Blizzard being Blizzard.

  11. I just realized how cool the background is — dust, gold, cards, and the legend gem thing

  12. Can we get some Trump laboratories or.. anything but battlegrounds soon? It's only so fun to watch and so many people stopped caring about Krip because of it.. Don't be Krip, Trump.

  13. I was hoping they'd buff Iron Sensei from tier 4 to 3. The effect's not that good, it never sticks where you want it, and mechs are underpowered

  14. Blizzard when DH was introduced: «This is fine». Blizzard after first DH nerf: «This is fine». Blizzard after second DH nerf: «This is fine». Blizzard after third DH nerf: «This is fine». Well, guess I’ll wait for the 4th DH nerf.

  15. Hope they nerf murlocs again. Still too strong late-game, even w/o mackarel. If you're playing pirates, you can go home. Ghoul is not enough of a counter.
    Oh yeah: Mechs will probably still suck, sadly.

  16. I predicted a Monstrous Macaw nerf, and I was right.
    Also, if Kripp carries the team, he’s being carried by Battlemaster, so why not cut out the middleman and say carry me Battlemaster?

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