Beating Demon Hunters w/ Enrage Warrior! | Standard | Hearthstone

Remember back in the day when Enrage Warrior was a thing? Well, it is back!
Intro Music by: Ronald Jenkees

Deck Code: AAECAQcC0gLerQMOFhyQA9QE1AjSpQP1qAPcqQPdrQOktgOrtgO7uQPAuQOcuwMA


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♬ Kevin MacLeod
♬ Ronald Jenkees


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35 thoughts on “Beating Demon Hunters w/ Enrage Warrior! | Standard | Hearthstone

  1. This guy player piano while Mia Malkova sang lmfao wtf let’s not forget…why even climb the ladder to legendary rank anymore

  2. Another episode of "trump gets a 50% winrate and loves the deck" following the previous episode of "trump gets a 60%+ winrate and says the deck doesn't work"

  3. You said people feel obligated to play demon hunter because it's OP. Not really, It's more blizzard gave me the cards to play it so I will. Rather than giving them money, when their pricing model is outrageous and balance is a joke. I'm not encouraging bad behavior by giving them money to play something else.

  4. So value rouge was good for a night. Now it just gets wrecked by evolve shaman and pretty much everything else 🙁

  5. They honestly should take away the demon tag from priestess of fury. It's strong enough anyway and it really sucks when some effects summons random demons (like the warlock galakrond) and one of them is a priestess of fury

  6. Wash your fucking hair, you’re 30 odd years old, how can you stream to thousands of people looking like that, state of it.

  7. I'm starting to hate how he purposely let's the rope burn for the hell of it. Just play the game stop wasting everyone's time.

  8. You really hate DH, uh? A lot of effort for that… and the deck only have a mediocre winrate.

  9. This is literally just the most popular Egg Warrior with -2 Eggs +Grom +2nd tol'vir. Is it really a different deck with just 1 card changed out? I think that's reaching for content lol

  10. God, imagine people already having the Golden Demon Hunter portrait, can't wait for Demon Hunter to get nerfed even further into the ground so that all the people that even got to legend because of it, disappear.

  11. I feel like demon hunter is the class I would play most regardless of how strong it is, as Illidan is one of my favourite characters and I like the aesthetic of Demon Hunters.

  12. I think Trump is not really know how to play this deck and also his opposite.

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