BEATING THE MAMA BEAR?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The Mama Bear is the most formidable foe of the Battlegrounds.
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38 thoughts on “BEATING THE MAMA BEAR?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Damn it’s nice to see somebody good at the new game mode. Slept on the possibility of triple bran a bit but beyond that perfect play.

  2. A good counter to mama bear is the 7-10 windfury that attacks the minion with the lowest attack. In the late game it will usually hit mama bear. It also counters the mech that grows when other mechs die.

  3. I think poisonous only made a differences on 1 attack (granted it was on the 8/100+ demon boy). So I hardly say it was the reason you won and that it counter Mama bear.

  4. had 3 mama bear and 3 ironhides at the endgame today, had like 4 times a 1v1 with the last player crazy games 😀 but mama bear came through and we won at the end altough it was a really close game all 4 games 😀

  5. I've tried to like this battlegrounds but come to the conclusion that it is utter shit.

  6. I have received Mama bear as an option exactly ONE friggin time, and it was on the final round of a game that I had 100% mechs. BG's needs way more ability to direct your build rather than this complete random trash.

  7. Beasts and mechs are only good for early and mid game. Mama bear isn't good for later game anyway. Not enough stats buff when murlocs and demens have hundreds of health each

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