BEHOLD! TRUE POWER!!! - Ashes of Outland Hearthstone

Hearthstone Ashes of Outland — The pre-nerf Illidan that needed to be nerfed immediately.
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28 thoughts on “BEHOLD! TRUE POWER!!! — Ashes of Outland Hearthstone

  1. It's not even close to what is was and it doesn't even have much to do with the nerfs, it's that people are figuring out other decks, they should have waited..

  2. This is massive incompetence from Blizzard. Nothing says "We didn't test our game at all" then this knee jerk reaction and rushed sloppy nerfs.

  3. So glad I still got to play DH pre nerf but it was funny seeing the nerfed cards with red mana cost for a little while 😂

  4. I had this hilarious game when the opponent played magtheridon and I just returned one of the tokens to my hand

  5. Priestess of Fury should either have it's effect at the start of the turn instead end or change it to target minions only. The fact it can deal 6 to face with 6/7 body and repeatable 6 damage next turns is insane for 7 mana. Same as the 8 mana 14/14 Rush, Taunt is absolute bullshit, especially in Arena.

  6. Yeah those changes were needed. I went 25 games in a row before i lost on launch. Felt bad playing it but it felt sooo goooood

  7. They must have known DH's were OP before the set was released. It was obvious to me anyway.

  8. This ends now! Illidan, You dare speak to me? Um Illidan you're speaking to yourself… Lol 😂

  9. DH ability to clear your board while refilling their own hand and building a board all in one turn is insane.

  10. 'spell mage can't beat this' i beat 6 DH decks back to back almost copy/paste of this deck using my own version of spell mage, so yeah gonna have to disagree with you on that one chief.

  11. Blizzard doesn’t do “balancing” to actually fix their games anymore, they only do it if it makes them money. That’s why they waited until after launch instead of during development or when the streamers were trying it out.

  12. It’s weird how they release a new class. But don’t consider balancing it first? Ya we all know their card designs can be faulty on blizzards end but a whole class being broken beyond extremes? Is it hard to balance ideas? Hearthstone since I’ve played in closed beta definitely has shown to be a hard game to balance lol

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