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The Best and Worst Cards in Hearthstone are usually obvious but what about the Best and Worst Cards per Keyword? Today we are going to look at 27 different Keywords in hearthstone and determine the best and worst card for each of them. As this is obviously just an opinion please correct me at any given point

There are more than 27 Keywords in Hearthstone but to keep this video short we only focus on the main once like Battlecry and Deathrattle but not on things like «Counter» or «Can’t attack» as those would as they either have a very small pool of cards or literally just 1. If you are reading this just know that tomorrows video will be 5 win condition druid because Kemne asked for it 8 times by now and the deck was actually fun. Thank you for the comments dear human

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41 thoughts on “Best and Worst Card per Keyword in Hearthstone | Solem

  1. Idk if moroes is fair to say for the worst stealth card, he was run in quest rogue for a bit (if I remember correctly)

  2. best adapt in my opinion is the one who adapts your murlocks. murlock shaman in wild was pretty good before raise of the dragons (i was able to hit rank 2 with it consistently for several months in a row without playing much), whereas vicious fledgling was broken only for some time in standard.

  3. i feel like there are way better combo cards than edwin. miscreant? Vilespine slayer? also bulldozer saw legit play in big pally for a while so thats def not the worst.

  4. what the fuck, the best divine shield card should have been the 1 mana 1/1 with taunt. That shit is even more broken than the minibot.

  5. Do a part two with the large amount that you didn’t get in this video like RUSH, or AUTO ATTACK

  6. Mana reservoir is definitely better than street trickster — and bulldozer is better than, say, silvermoon guardian. It sees play in duel paladin.

  7. i argue higher cost spell damge cards like spell weaver is worst because it harder to combo spell with and dies easily

  8. plus mana reservior not worst because at least it sticky and can combo quite easily or playied turn 2 on empty board and it will most likely survive to be combo with sell next turn

  9. the grand tournament: am i a joke to you? i got more than a rare cardback

  10. Worst reborn: generous mummy. change my mind.
    Everytime i played it when generated, i sweated like sh**.

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