Hey guys this is my first video for the channel. This is the paladin deck that I ran to rank 5. It is super cheap and highly effective. Take advantage of divine shield and low mana cost minions that your opponent will not expect!

Deck List:
2 Equality
2 Argent Protector
2 Faerie Dragon
2 Knife Juggler
1 Wild Pyromaster
2 Aldor Peacekeeper
1 Earthen Ring Farseer
2 Harvest Golemn
1 Scarlet Crusader
2 Truesilver Champion
2 Blessing of Kings
2 Consecration
2 Hammer of Wrath
2 Defender of Argus
1 Silver Hand Knight
1 Stampeding Kodo
2 Argent Commander
1 Guardian of Kings

As always feel free to critique/comment/question!



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  1. at the beginning of the video you said that this deck isn't about having board control but at 8:33 you said that you have to have board control. I'm confused.

  2. 31.12 That was a big mistake , u should atack with your 3/3 first the 1/1 then equalaty , and with ur 1/1 kill the 5/1 . that way u keep the divine shield.  >.> small things like this can make a huge diference sometimes 😛

  3. hmm how come in every game u win u gain a star and which means u have 2 and in the next game ur back to 1 lol 

  4. I really like your channel and your hearthstone plays, but this deck is really bad and you won those games either because of pure luck, or rank 5 players really suck. I used to be around rank 10, and I couln't go furher than rank 18.

  5. how do you get that cards/mana cost thingy up? I'm new to game and don't get that dealio up when I make a new deck…

  6. emmm guys … this deck is NOT winning every turn he plays … watch the stars at 6:056:10 and many times trough the video … he only edits wins ofc, i get that … this deck is very very good, but don´t think its unbeatable 

  7. @Lawrencejame HD thank you for this deck!!!! I saw this a while back and i finally got all the cards for it and i went from rank 20 to 15 in almost 3 hours of playing with it.. Thank you so much lol

  8. I know its an old video but still nice — just one time i would have dealt in a better way — vs the paladin in the last game you could have attacked first with the 3/3card so you and play "change all minions health to 1"afterwards so you wouldn'd have lost your 3/1 divine shield

  9. what about avenging wrath? great for board clearing and finishing moves

  10. The Deck rocks i sell all my cards too craft it i miss one card for the moment and i will craft it soon i am going ranked clamming UP like a train in railroad thanx man u are awesome keep doing the good job

  11. He played multiple games before showing us his gameplay. Look at the rank change while he is finding an opponent

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