Best decks to climb to Legend after May 2020 balance patch (Hearthstone Ashes of Outland)

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Paladin and Shaman were buffed. Warrior, Demon Hunter, and Rogue were nerfed. What are the best decks to climb to Legend now?

Highlander Hunter: AAECAR8etQPHA4cE4QSKB5cI2wn8owPkpAOmpQPypQOEpwOKrQOLrQOOrQP5rgP7rwP8rwP+rwOHsAPnsAP/sAOCsQOHsQORsQPYsgOvtwODuQOiuQP/ugMAAA==

Tempo Demon Hunter: AAECAea5AwTMugPDvAPaxgPVyAMN/acD+a4Di7oD17sDxLwD4LwD1r4DusYDx8YD2cYD98gD+cgD/sgDAA==

Galakrond Rogue: AAECAaIHCLICzQOSlwPBrgOqrwOCsQPjtAPLwAMLtAHtAogHj5cD9acDua4D/q4Dzq8Dm7YDubgDz7kDAA==

Galakrond Secret Rogue: AAECAaIHCLICiAeSlwPBrgPjtAPOuQPLwAP7xAMLtAGPlwP1pwO5rgP+rgOqrwPOrwOCsQPMuQPQuQO5vgMA

Quest Warlock: AAECAf0GCrQDxQTbBtwGigehoQProwP8owORsQPuvwMKzgfECNqWA9qbA7ulA+WsA+usA+ysA+2sA+m+AwA=

Enrage Warrior: AAECAQcE0gLIA96tA9+tAw0WHJAD1ATUCPWoA9ypA92tA6S2A6u2A7u5A8C5A5y7AwA=

Spell Druid: AAECAZICBP0C5gXkCPatAw3+AdMD9wPEBrmUA+KfA9ulA/m1A+W6A+i6A+y6A+66A++6AwA=

Highlander Mage: AAECAf0EHooBqwTFBMsE7QSNCJ+bA6CbA4qeA6GhA8KhA/yjA4ukA5KkA7+kA/KlA4SnA/SrA/qsA+yvA/CvA5GxA4S2A4y2A+G2A8O4A427A9y+A+a+A97EAwAA

Bomb Warrior: AAECAQcGS5uUA96tA9+tA+iwA765AwyQA6IE1AT/B5qUA92tA6S2A6u2A7i5A8C5A5y7A/bCAwA=

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This video is from the era of Year of the Phoenix Standard format and Ashes of Outland expansion.


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21 thoughts on “Best decks to climb to Legend after May 2020 balance patch (Hearthstone Ashes of Outland)

  1. Great stuff! I was looking at the Highlander Hunter lists last night and I couldn’t figure out why they run Snake Trap over the more usual Explosive Trap

    Is there any reason for that?

  2. Thanks for great content and analyses! It definitely helped me to get to legends yesterday for the first time with a deck similar but theoretically weaker than the presented ones (zero legendary cards in mine).

  3. Was waiting for this video 🙂 Thinking about building Highlander Hunter, but I am still missing 4 legendaries and have dust just for 2. Do you think it will be worth to build it with 2 replacements? I am missing specifically Zixor, Veranus, Dinotamer and Siamat.

  4. Thanks so much for this OG — I was completely lost after the most recent patch and couldn’t find a foothold.

  5. I use the version of spell druid with Kaelthas rather than Ysera. Would you recommend using the version with Ysera instead?

  6. Hi OG, i have built myself that exact highlander deck without the rotnest drake. I recently realised that you can buy adventures with in game gold and rotnest drake takes around 2100 gold. Would you say the card is worth the effort to save that much gold?

  7. Whats your recommended replacement for Ysera in spelldruid? Dont wanna craft it since its kind of questionable if its effective enaugh.. Thanks.

  8. Great video Old Guardian — I love your calm perspective on a ever changing meta and you are giving a ton of options for players who are new or casual at Hearthstone. Keep it up!

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