BEST DECKS TO PLAY ON LAUNCH DAY! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

After playing Ashes of Outland early, I have some ideas for the decks you should try on launch day!

Demon Hunter: AAECAea5Ax78owORsQOHugOLugPJugPMugPXuwPmuwOcvAPDvAPJvAOZvQPWvgPmvgPtvgOEwwP3wwO6xgPHxgPZxgPaxgPVyAPXyAP+yAP/yAOcyQPZ0wPb0wPd0wP41gMAAA==
Paladin: AAECAZ8FBPy4A4euA4TBA/oGDf24A8rBA u5A422A48JkK4DrwfcA5yuA y5A8q4A5uuA q5AwA=
Mage: AAECAf0EBMW4A/ dA7mlA4y2Aw2MuQPxrwPBuAOrBMMBwrgDTYG/A yvA8kD3sQDoJsDwqEDAA==
Rogue: AAECAaIHBMGuA9K5A+2+A/vEAw2eAbQBiAfiB4+XA5u2A7m4A7q4A8y5A865A8+5A9C5A7m+AwA=

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Feature | Hearthstone | BEST DECKS TO PLAY ON LAUNCH DAY!


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31 thoughts on “BEST DECKS TO PLAY ON LAUNCH DAY! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. Guys need help!! As a free to play player, with not much dust. Should i wait more or craft these decks ??

  2. Some people don't want to waste their dust trying to theorycraft a deck just for it to be absolute garbage…

  3. "Build your own deck"

    Me after opening 1 legendary: Sure so much options for me!

  4. I'll build my own deck when I can afford more than one solid deck a year THANKYOU.

  5. Fix codes:
    Paladin: AAECAZ8FBPy4A4euA4TBA/oGDf24A8rBA+u5A422A48JkK4DrwfcA5yuA+y5A8q4A5uuA+q5AwA=
    Mage: AAECAf0EBMW4A/+dA7mlA4y2Aw2MuQPxrwPBuAOrBMMBwrgDTYG/A+yvA8kD3sQDoJsDwqEDAA==

  6. Watched the first few seconds only then did build my own deck so glad too probably wouldn't have played no minion token druid if I didnt.

  7. The problem with "Make your own deck" is that not everyone is going to dump enough money on the game to craft a bunch of decks and see which ones stick. I do enjoy the change on pack openings, but now I need to go back through other standard sets and buy additional packs so I can acquire all of the commons and rares.

  8. Cant really build my own deck when collection is extremely low. Hoping to see these kind of videos to see what might be interesting to focus on

  9. highlander priest highlander priest highlander priest highlander priest highlander priest

  10. "Build your own decks"

    Me: opens 8 packs
    Still me: missing 80% of cards

    Looks like I have to join the cancer that is demon hunter to get anywhere 😪

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