Best Priest Deck? Wall Priest IS BACK!!! | Saviors of Uldum | Hearthstone | Dekkster

We were running this Quest / King Phaoris / Psychopomp Wall Priest and it feels super strong! The only decks we really lost to were Bomb Hunter and the new Quest Rogue. We will see how this settles as the meta calms down, but I’ve got high hopes!

Pyschopomp Quest Wall Priest: AAECAa0GBtD+AqCAA9aZA5ObA9igA92rAwzlBNMKvfMCl4cD2IkDgpQDmJsDmZsDr6UD0aUDmakDn6kDAA==

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Best Priest Deck? Wall Priest IS BACK!!! | Saviors of Uldum | Hearthstone | Dekkster



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31 thoughts on “Best Priest Deck? Wall Priest IS BACK!!! | Saviors of Uldum | Hearthstone | Dekkster

  1. The standard zoo priest deck that just wants to rush the quest is extremely disappointing. Loses hard to tempo druid and any hard mass removal. Highly recommend against it

  2. Always nice decks from dekkster 😉 thx m8. Btw king pharois is necessary? cause of lot of spells are used for completing the q

  3. my man! it's so satisfying to destroy warriors with this deck. like an uprising, a revolt, an explosion waiting to happen for years. showing the punish to them boomheads. keep the wall up dekks. cheers!

  4. Are you sure about Psychopomp? They weaken Mass Resurrection and Catrina pretty much. I'm using double Wunded Blademaster: On turn 5 with Blademaster + Divine Hymn I usually complete from 7 up to 10 of the 15 healings for the quest.

  5. This new expansion seems very imbalanced so far, let's see how it is when the meta settles.

  6. I love this deck, I go 7-2 at rank 9. Crazy synergies with reborn and resurrection. You are my hero when you play this deck.

  7. TY for making this deck popular, I've been wiping the floor with them using my fatigue Shammy.

  8. I've been playing this deck a lot and I don't like King Phaoris in it because 1) if I cast my high-cost spells (which are more reliable for getting out taunts) it is useless 2) if I have any low-cost spells in my hand (forbidden words anyone??) it adulterates the resurrection pool. I have already replaced Topsy Turvy with Archivist Elysiana. Any suggestions? I'm thinking Holy Nova.

  9. We have reached the day in hearthstone where 5 mana 10/10s and 6 mana 9/10s are beaten by 5 mana spells. Long live priest as the best class

  10. Every moth new Expansion for more Money muhahaha but yes is free too play xD xd xD xD xD
    Stupid people !!!!

  11. I got both the pre orders and walked away with 9 Legendary cards I Was very satisfied. Even got 2 golden quest legendary which made for some great dust gains.

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