BGH In a Deck!? Deck Doctor P2 w/ Zalae | Firebat Hearthstone

This is a continuation of a video from a couple days ago, you can view it here:
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Outro Song: Biggie by Albis


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32 thoughts on “BGH In a Deck!? Deck Doctor P2 w/ Zalae | Firebat Hearthstone

  1. Thanks for the uploads Ed!

    Edit: huh, is that how you pronounce sigil? I've never said it that way, strange.

  2. 25:25
    Firebat: "I don't know how many 1 of's we're supposed to have, to get it(DragonQueenAlex) online by 9, but I'm sure there's a mathematical way we could figure that out"
    Zalae: "I've done the math, it's 30"

  3. Oh wow, apparently someone gifted me a sub during this game. Good thing he read it out or I never would have known.

  4. 11:45 Zalae really out here watching a pre-recorded gameplay video trying to stop his favorite streamer from coining out mountain giant

  5. I seriously don't understand how everyone says warrior runs the meta. I never lose to warrior. I sometimes lose to priest. But that's about it, the rare loss to another demon hunter maybe? I do play highlander demon hunter but still…warrior is zero threat.

  6. Me watching the first two-thirds of the video: Is this some new, spicy Concede DH deck?

  7. Why can Altruis go face when blade flurry can't? Blade flurry doesn't come with a body and requires you to sacrifice your weapon…
    DH has a way to go before it's balanced.

  8. wrathscale naga is pretty good at later game removal… except you need to run the 3 cost rush cards

  9. 33:00. Quick note on Maiev. If you attack with your own rush minion and then make it dormant with Maiev, it cannot attack the turn it wakes up. Fun fact for a very niche situation!

    Edit: same deal with charge. When you make your own minion dormant, it remembers he exact state it was in when you did.

  10. I want to convince Firebat to bring hunter instead of demon hunter to GM. Hunter is objectively better than demon hunter and here's why.

    Demon hunters hunt demons. It's in the name, no big surprise. It has been well established that hunters on the other hand hunt faces. It goes without saying that EVERYBODY has faces and scientifically speaking, face is 'the place'. I don't need to explain that 'the place' is where you want to be at. By switching out the classes as suggested the probability of being at 'the place' increases by infinity or something like that with the added benefit of directly increasing winrate.

    Therefore Firebat should bring hunter to GM over demon hunter.

  11. Really like the deck doc. with Zalae, two man combo makes it so funny

  12. Man, this doctor is really leaning toward alternative medicine, the plays have been… originals, to say the least 😀

  13. It’s hilarious to me that the thing they nerfed about blood boil brute was it’s attack — not it’s obscene health. It’s still a god damn 5/8! For 7, ignoring the discount, 8 health is higher than the majority of 7 cost minions. What even.

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