BIG BEASTS Can't be BEAT (Embiggen Quest Druid) | Ashes of Outland | Wild Hearthstone

BIG BEASTS Can’t be BEAT (Embiggen Quest Druid) | Ashes of Outland | Wild Hearthstone

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### B I G
# Class: Druid
# Format: Wild
# 2x (0) Embiggen
# 1x (1) Jungle Giants
# 2x (1) Strength in Numbers
# 1x (3) King Mukla
# 2x (3) Witching Hour
# 2x (4) Branching Paths
# 2x (4) Oaken Summons
# 2x (4) Savage Combatant
# 2x (5) Stranglethorn Tiger
# 2x (6) Menagerie Warden
# 2x (7) Marsh Hydra
# 2x (7) Winged Guardian
# 1x (8) Gruul
# 1x (8) Octosari
# 1x (8) The Lich King
# 1x (9) Hadronox
# 1x (9) Oondasta
# 1x (10) Tyrantus
# 2x (10) Ultimate Infestation
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Enjoy the gameplay!

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44 thoughts on “BIG BEASTS Can't be BEAT (Embiggen Quest Druid) | Ashes of Outland | Wild Hearthstone

  1. Roffle always wins when i watch his videos, how is he still diamond 5?

  2. Youtube Roffle T1: We're probably just dying

    Me, watching the game that made it to youtube: Doubt it

  3. Only writing this to thank you for the discard warlock deck you've made a few days ago. I crafted it and got to legend

  4. Woah, this deck is not greedy at all.
    P. S. You got sheep from Witching Hour, because you didn't play Medivh for extra Atiesh value.

  5. Hi Roffle! Just wanted to say that you're the only hs YouTuber I don't watch at 1.25 speed, too bad I can't often catch the streams as they fall in the middle of the night or early morning at my place

  6. Weak enemies. If u will face mecha hunter, odd paladin, mecha paladin, odd dh with good hand u will die at round 5-6.

  7. Hey Roffle, I replaced the savage combatants with cursed disciples and I've been rolling with this deck! any reason you prefer savage combatants? more beast synergy?

  8. I'm surprised about no Wild Growth/Overgrowth, maybe for some of the jankier cards like Gruul and Mukla. Or is this just supposed to be a meme deck?

  9. I still wonder to this date: Like does roffle ever sit? Obviously we can assume offline but we have no proof…. I also don’t know what his job is but I assume he does a lot of walking for it. Which means this mother fooka” probably lays down for 4 hours a day to recharge…. cause he’s a robot? Only logical answer

  10. Marsh Hydra makes me feel like the saddest person on earth whenever someone plays it against me. I hate it. I hate all of it.

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