BIG BRAIN PLAYS = FIRST PLACE - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Today we will teach you how to increase your brain size, one Zapp at a time.
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38 thoughts on “BIG BRAIN PLAYS = FIRST PLACE — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Krip: always playing Murlocs — always getting an early Bran. Would be more interesting to see some more realistic matches where you sometimes don't even get a Bran at all.

  2. The only editing rania has to do is clip the game from the stream, and combine it with the intro and outro and she cant even do that properly

  3. Recently a lot ofKripps Video have a title but the content is always — getting lucky — getting wins. But this Title is spot on.

  4. another hurtstone video. when this shit of a game will be finally forgotten and left to rot in the history of gaming

  5. It's funny that Einstein is on a "big brain plays" titlecard, considering he was famous for having a quite small brain size-wise…

  6. I was really confused in the beginning. I thought kripp was talking about joining a peewee league like little kid baseball or something.

  7. Wow you're still playing this game? You're such a skilled gamer too…what a shame.

  8. The maexxna counter to zap was a big brain move, but unfortunately kripp was already operating on galaxy brain levels

  9. The ultra IQ would be if you got offered Megasaur or Zap after a triple at the end, which would you take?!?

  10. 11:18 — would it possibly be better to sell the golden Bagurgle in order to put more of them back in the pool? I know it was a bit stronger, but not by THAT much.

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